Free E-Book Alert – An Essay on the Kingdom of Christ

In his day, Abraham Booth (1734-1806) was one of the leading pastors of the English Calvinistic Baptist denomination. Once described by Andrew Fuller as “the first counsellor of our denomination,” he was always referred to by his contemporaries with deep respect. His chief claim to literary fame is probably his The Reign of Grace (1768). This essay, which has also been reprinted a number of times, was written some twenty years later, and is a valuable exploration of the ramifications of our Lord’s confession before Pontius Pilate: “my kingdom is not of this world” [John 18:36]. Booth argues that by this statement Christ depicts himself as a spiritual monarch, ruling over the realm of the human conscience and the heart [p.6-7]. Moreover, since “the empire of Christ. .. extends to every creature” [p.5], his kingdom cannot be regarded as coterminous with any earthly state. Building on these assertions, Booth queries “whether any national religious establishment can be a part of his kingdom” [p.21].

Download the e-pub here or the pdf here.

HT – The Confessing Baptist


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