My Prayer for the City of Boston

Back on May 2, Rock County Christian School commemorated the National Day of Prayer.  During that service, I offered the following prayer for my beloved city of Boston, MA.

Dear Lord Jesus,

You have commanded us to weep with those who weep and mourn with those who mourn. Today, we mourn alongside the city of Boston. We pray for the families of those who have perished in this awful attack. We pray for those who lives will be forever changed as they cope with the loss of limbs and other horrible resulting ailments.

But most of all, we pray for those who are left wondering why. They struggling to understand how so evil of an act can even be conceived, let alone carried out. As followers of You, Lord, we understand this world is not you created it. Things are not as they should be. We, your creation, have sinned against you. We have violated your commands and reap the consequences.

We also know that in this fallen world, we can still see you even though we have rejected you. Even as our sin abounds, your grace does much more abound. There is no telling what awful acts you have restrained and held back from the heart of man. We thank you that such incidents are so horrible because they are somewhat rare. Yet this truth does not take away the pain of lost loved ones and shattered bodies. The blood-stained sidewalks of Boston call out for justice.

We long for the day when you return as Sovereign Judge. You will right every wrong and evil will be forever punished and done away with. Yet, in this judgment you remember mercy for if you were completely just no one could stand in your presence of survive your wrath. In an act of unselfish love you gave us your own son as the ultimate bearer of our punishment. He took your wrath and we bask in your grace.

Lord, I pray that through this horrific act of sin, you would draw men to yourself. Help all to see this sin in light of the bigger picture of fallen humanity. Bring us to the cross. Bring us to yourself.

It is your holy and precious name that we pray,




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