KevCast 25 – In Memory of Howard Phillips

cpunityListen to the streaming audio here or download the mp3 here.

Back a few weeks ago I was saddened to learn of the passing of Howard Phillips. Phillips was a man of principle who was champion for of the Constitution against the rising tides of secularism and liberalism. One of the original founders of the Moral Majority, he was a vocal advocate of Christian Reconstructionism and a follower of R.J. Rushdoony. His faith in Christ was strong, articulate and contagious.

In 1992 Howard Phillips founded what would later become the Constitution Party. After having working relationships with Presidents Nixon and Reagan, Phillips was convinced the Republican Party would not support and defend the Constitution our forefathers handed down to us. Instead of merely going along to get along in order to secure more power, he left the party in order to fight for principle.

Howard Phillips was also the chairman of the Conservative Caucus and host of the Conservative Roundtable weekly television program.
When I ran for Congress in 2007, Howard drove all the way up from Virginia (on his own dime) to help and campaign for me. He knew I had little chance of winning, but wished to encourage me and instill within me some core values about what is really important. My time with Howard Phillips will be a time I will always cherish.

You learn more about Howard Phillips by reading his son Doug’s tribute to him at Vision Forum.

On this episode of the KevCast I will air an interview I conducted with Howard during my congressional campaign in 2007.  Hear Howard talk about his early days in Boston politics, his decision start a new party and the challenges third party candidates face.

Howard Phillips Speaking at My Campaign Rally


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