This and That – 04-06-13

Why the Arguments for Gay Marriage Are Persuasive – We should also remember that the church’s mission in life is not to defeat gay marriage. While too many Christians have already retreated, there may be others who reckon that everything hangs in the balance on this one issue. Let’s keep preaching, persevering, pursuing joy, and praying for conversions. Christians should care about the issue, and then carry on. – Kevin DeYoung

Christianity Tomorrow – Tim Keller Signs On To Play Yoda In Christian Star Wars Movie –  confirmed that the movie would actually be a condensed Christianized version of all six of the original Star Wars movies, and that other prominent pastors were being contacted about possibly starring the movie. “Yeah we’ve definitely got some leads,” said Manelli. “We’re in talks with Mark Driscoll about playing the role of the maverick pilot Han Solo, and Paul Tripp has tentatively agreed to play the role of Chewbacca. Together they will be great as the pilots of “The Millennium Dove”. – Stephen Altrogge

The Passion of Lew Wallace – Ingersoll talked until the train reached its destination. “He went over the whole question of the Bible, of the immortality of the soul, of the divinity of God, and of heaven and hell,” Wallace later recalled. “He vomited forth ideas and arguments like an intellectual volcano.” The arguments had a powerful effect on Wallace. Departing the train, he walked the pre-dawn streets of Indianapolis alone. In the past he had been indifferent to religion, but after his talk with Ingersoll his ignorance struck him as problematic, “a spot of deeper darkness in the darkness.” He resolved to devote himself to a study of theology, “if only for the gratification there might be in having convictions of one kind or another.” – John Swansburg

In Defense of What? – But if you really do not grasp the good news of grace, you cannot — must not! — risk the possibility of being wrong. And you must — must! — prove with bulldog tenaciousness the wrongness of others. Consequently you do not see the obvious incongruity of railing on brothers relentlessly without giving them the benefit of the doubt or the respect of them having a thoughtful, biblically-derived conclusion under the banner of in defense of the gospel.  But it clangs. Loudly. And most people notice. – Bob Bixby

Ten Marks of Imbalance in Ministry: an Infographic – Leading in ministry is like walking a tightrope. Not only does it require delicate balance, but the stakes are high if we slip.  As spiritual leaders, it is our responsibility to walk with balance. Ephesians 5:15 puts it succinctly—“walk circumspectly.” But if we were to get off balance, what would it look like?  The infographic below lists ten marks of imbalance in ministry. These can describe a leader personally, or a ministry in general. Either way, the results are tragic. – Paul Chappell


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