Want to be the Mayor of Rockford? Answer These Questions, Please…

These are the questions I posed to each of the candidates running for mayor this year in Rockford, IL:  Mayor Morrissey (I), Michael Kleen (R), and Jim Hughes (D).

1. Forbes magazine recently rated Rockford among the most miserable cities in the United States. What is the other side to this story? What does Rockford have to offer those who may consider moving here and how would you seek to strengthen those positive aspects of our city?

2. Crime is certainly one of the biggest issues our city now faces. We have heard potential solutions tossed around such as geo-policing, number of street lights, and more cops on the beat. What steps are needed to keep our people safe?

3. Most of those reading this voter guide would probably consider themselves to be social conservatives. The big social issue our state is debating concerns marriage equality. Would you support the legalization of same sex marriage and how might this effect Rockford?

4. What do you see as the fundamental role of the office of Mayor in our city?

5. Realistically, where do see the city of Rockford four years from now after your term in office?

6. When voters find themselves in the booth, ballot in hand, what is it that you hope they remember about your campaign?

One of the campaigns (who will remain nameless) asked me to limit this questionnaire to six questions.  So, these are the six questions I wanted to ask.  If there had been a seventh, it would have been about job and the poor state of the economy.  I’m also interested in the candidates view on gun control and conceal carry laws.  As a teacher, I want to know about views concerning education.  Oh well, I’m sure there will be other opportunities for that…  I’ll get better at this the longer I stay here in Rockford.  And despite Forbes Magazine, I am planning to stay put right here in this city!


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