This and That 03-09-13

Were they drowning? Mark 4:38 (Monday with Mounce 177) – Picture this with me. (Even if my directions are not accurate, the point about the present tense is.) If I have my directions right, they are going basically west to east. And as I understand it, most of the storms come from the north-west. The storm hits mostly from the back of the boat where Jesus is sleeping. The sides of these boats were just a little over a meter high. Correctly translated, the disciples were in the process of drowning; it was not a potential threat. Apparently, they had tried to save themselves, perhaps bailing as fast as they good, adjusting the sail and the angle of the boat. But nothing they could do work, and the boat was going down. – Bill Mounce

Chávez’s Last Words and Yours – I don’t want to die. Please don’t let me die.  As a rule, I’m no fan of socialist dictators—particularly those of Chávez’s ilk. But this strikes me as one of the saddest things I’ve ever read. I grieve to think about what the horror of his final moments must have been like. Death is no respecter of persons—not even of billionaire Presidents who command a cult-like following among their countrymen. Not even of you. As the old hymn has it, “Time like an ever-flowing stream bears all its sons away.” None of us will escape this great equalizer. – Denny Burk


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