KevCast 23 – The Christian and Reading

Listen to the streaming audio here or download the mp3 here.

shaunIt has been said that readers are leaders.  I think we all know that reading is important and is certainly something we ought to do, but it is one of those things that is just so easy to neglect.  In our fast-paced lives reading hundreds of pages in an in-depth book just doesn’t seems as practical as the ease of reading 140 characters in a tweet or Facebook update.  Yet, Christians were once known as “people of the Book.”  The Bible is the very life-blood of the Christian faith.   The essence of our salvation is found in the fact that the Word became flesh and dwelt among us.  God has chosen to reveal Himself through words, phrases, and sentences.    So, how should the Christian view reading?

In this podcast, our guest is Shaun Tabatt of Cross Focused Media.  Shaun has a deep love for reading and works in the Christian publishing industry.  He recently launched his own podcast, Author Talks in which he interviews Christian authors about their craft.  Shaun also blogs at Bible Geek Gone Wild.


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