This and That 02-02-13

8 Notes on Counseling Abused Children  –  Preaching the gospel to abused children involves more than waiting for one to appear in our office or even our churches—it means an active search for the lost. Given how many of these children are driven from the church by Christians who violated their bodies in the name of God and by other Christians who, at best, responded passively, there is an urgent need for Christendom to adorn itself in sackcloth and ashes and then change course. – Victor Vieth

Muscular Christianity – Having said all that, where did we get the idea that men are insecure jerks who can’t learn anything or belong to the communion of saints as recipients of grace? And are we really ready to identify shallow sentimentalism with “feminization” of the church? Do godly women want this any more than men? In my experience at least, a lot of men and women alike are devouring good books of theology these days, especially in Reformation circles. Yet also in my experience, women—and men—are still being distracted from being immersed in the faith by countless exercises in “applied Christianity” (i.e., niche studies) without much “Christianity” to apply. – Michael Horton

One Issue Politics Abdicates Moral Authority – But there are many anti-abortionists who are not really pro-life. Many anti-abortionists who claim to be pro-life are also warmongers and/or indifferent to unjust wars. Some anti-abortionists are completely indifferent to the needs of the poor and dying, the aged and the orphans. By politicizing abortion and becoming a one-issue movement evangelicals have gutted anti-abortionism of it’s pro-life moral authority. – Bob Bixby


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