This and That – 01-26-13

It made a difference to me that John Piper went to jail – When I graduated from college, I was too spiritual to worry about abortion. I was pro-life—no question about that. But I could see no reason to get all bothered about it. I had bigger fish to fry. After all, the abortion issue was for people who like to mix Christianity with politics. It was not for people like myself who were into theology and the gospel. I would leave the pro-life cause to those who didn’t know the difference between Christianity and the Republican Party. I had all but washed my hands of it. How short-sighted and foolish I was. – Denny Burk

Mark Driscoll Isn’t My Pastor – I go to my church. I am covenanted in there. I am knit there. I seek theology first in the Word and second from my pastors. I trust there. I am trusted there. They rightly have the most influence on me and I trust that even with all the influence I might have elsewhere, the most influence I have is there. At my church. – Lore

I Can’t Wait Until I’m Not In Heaven – But the reality is, heaven is simply the waiting room for the rest of eternity. When a person dies, they leave their body and go to be with Christ. But that’s not the end. Our final, glorious, exciting hope is not an abstract, bodiless existence. Our great end is not to float about the universe as bodiless souls. The end comes when Jesus returns, makes a new, physical heavens and earth, and gives us new, physical resurrection bodies. – Stephen Altrogge



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