KevCast 22 – You, Your Family and the Internet with David Clark

Listen to the streaming audio here or download the mp3 here.

Almost 80% of Americans are connected to the internet, and over two billion people around the world are on the world wide web. The unimaginable amount of information and communication that is piped into our homes through high-speed cable and DSL connections provide us with opportunities unparalleled by any previous generation. We can now be instantly connected with friends and loved ones across the globe through Skype and Facebook while at the same time be kept up-to-date on breaking news stories and heated theological debates. Yet, this technological revolution also presents us with dangers and temptations we must constantly guard against. Even in the church, you have people hooked on internet pornography, children getting into questionable online relationships and the ever increasing loss of privacy we unwittingly seem to submit to without thought. So what are we to do?

On this episode of the KevCast we welcome David Clark, author of the book You, Your Family and the Internet: What Every Christian in the Digital Age Ought to Know.  Listen in as we talk about both the blessings and the dangers that come with our entry into the world wide web.  We spoke on subjects such as:

  • Online relationships (all of which are not bad)
  • How Facebook actually operates
  • Guidelines for parents discussing these matters with their children
  • E-mail anxiety

We also had a great discussion about how Christians should apply Biblical principles to this issue and how we should purposefully  think through ways to harness the opportunities that social media and the internet present for our generation.  You won’t want to miss this podcast, so don’t wait another minute!  You can also purchase the book here.

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