KevCast 21 – Going Over the Fiscal Cliff with Peter Theron

peterandme1Listen to the streaming audio here or download the mp3 here.

We are just hours away from what seems to be the inevitable plunge into higher tax rates and massive spending cuts that is the fiscal cliff.  Even right now eyes turn to the US Senate as the President and Majority Leader Harry Reid have something they’ve been cooking up.  But, what are we really talking about here?

  • What is this fiscal cliff?
  • What does it mean to our economy?
  • What does it mean to our own families?
  • What can be done about all of this?

These are just some of the questions we posed to conservative activist Peter Theron.  Peter hols degrees in math and statistics from Princeton University and the University of Wisconsin.  He also has taught statistics, mathematics, and computer science at UW-Madison, UW-Whitewater, and Beloit College.  In 2008 and 2010 Peter ran for Congress in Wisconsin’s second congressional district.

So, if you are looking to learn more about what all Washington is a buzz over, download this episode now!

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