This and That 11-23-12

The Thanksgiving of the Damned – Those who embrace Prosperity Theology, whether formally or naturally (because it is human nature), cannot help but think of those with less health and wealth as inferior. It’s America’s Phariseeism. Millions of Christians will, like the Pharisee (Luke 18:9-14), thank God that He did not make them like those who have less. Thanksgiving for many, as it did for the Pharisee, disguises smug superiority and sacralizes indulgence. – Bob Bixby

Rubio puzzled by Earth’s age: ‘I’m not a scientist, man’ – When asked by GQ in an interview for its December issue how old he thinks the Earth is, the Florida GOPer told the magazine, “I’m not a scientist, man.”  Of course, scientists treat it as an unquestioned fact that the Earth is 4.5 billion years old. Many religious conservatives, on the other hand, point to the Bible’s creation tale, with many insisting that the Earth was created in a matter of days by God some 6,000 years ago. – MSNBC

Witnessing to Presbyterians – In the “us vs. them” world of fundamentalism anyone who is not a fundamentalist is eyed with a great deal of suspicion of not being a true believer. Narrow is the way and few non-Baptists there be that find it.  This distrust and general ignorance about other Christian denominations leads to the interesting situation of fundamentalists spending their time preaching to the converted. It goes something like this… – Stuff Fundies Like

Four Reasons Men Don’t Read Books (with a Practical Suggestion) – In any given local church, a wise pastor possesses the single most valuable commodity that will influence men who don’t read books, and that commodity is reading experience. A wise pastor is a man who has learned by experience to discern valuable books from the less-helpful (reason #1, above). A wise pastor is a man who has learned to fix his attention on the written word for lengthy periods of undistracted time (reasons #2 and #4). And a wise pastor is a man who has been personally altered by his discoveries in the written word (reason #3). – Tony Reinke

Rob Bell, Eternal Hell, & the New Yorker Magazine – “Throughout American history, the most successful church movements have not been the ones that kept up with contemporary culture, but the ones that were confident enough to tug hard against it.” – The New Yorker

6 Facts About The Most Powerful Republican Woman In The House  – Rodgers graduated in 1990 from Pensacola Christian College in Pensacola, Florida, making her the first in her family to have earned a college degree.  According to the student resource guide, the institution enforces a dress code (women must wear clothes that “accent your Christian character and femininity”), as well as a “no-touch” policy for dating. College chaperones attend off-campus dates.  Under current rules, students at PCC are not permitted to dance, gamble, play cards, or rent or watch movies.  Also, the school has a particular grudge against Abercrombie & Fitch and its Hollister brand: It explicitly bans clothes from both.


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