New Live KevCast This Saturday Featuring Darrell Dow of Stuff Fundies Like

Check out the website here –

This week on the podcast we welcome Darrell Dow, creator of the Stuff Fundies Like blog.  Each day Darrell takes a satirical look at the Baptist fundamentalism he once was a part of, poking fun and yet at the same time raising serious issues meant to provoke thought and consideration.

Just this month Fundamental Flaws:  Seven Things Independent Fundamental Baptists Get Wrong (And How to Fix Them), a short e-book, was released for Kindle readers.  Join us for this conversation with Darrell Dow as he shares with us about his new book and what he hopes to accomplish with it.

This will be a live broadcast and your participation is welcome!  You can join the conversation this Saturday at 5pm CST by calling in at (818) 431-8528 or by leaving your comments in our live chat room.


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