Desiring God Disability Conference

As we seek to reach out further into our community and even reaching out more effectively to our own congregation, several of my fellow church members were able to attend Desiring God’s conference on disability ministry earlier this month.  I was quite jealous as I received their live tweets and heard their reports when they came back.  Now, you can download both the video and audio of this conference from the Desiring God website.   As someone who grew up in a family that struggled with disabilities and attended churches that struggled with helping families struggling with these disabilities, it is such a joy to see this topic being grappled with!  So, I would encourage you to listen to each of these messages and develop a heart for the disabled in your community and within your congregation (trust me, they are there!).

John Piper
When Jesus Meets Disability: How a Christian Hedonist Handles Deep Disappointment

Nancy Guthrie
Thinking Like Jesus About Disability

Mark Talbot
Longing for Wholeness: Chronic Suffering and Christian Hope

Greg Lucas
Parenting When Your Heart Is Continually Crushed

John Piper, Nancy Guthrie, Greg Lucas, Mark Talbot
Speaker Panel

Krista Horning
Testimony of God’s Good Design


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