This and That 11-10-12

Strange bedfellows? John Cusack producing, starring in Rush Limbaugh movie – Actor and outspoken liberal John Cusack is developing a movie about conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh, Cusack’s production company said Friday.  The working title is “Rush,” Cusack’s New Crime Productions confirmed, offering no other details.

3 Things the Church Can Learn from Election 2012 – The days when the “male white voter” dominated elections are over, which explains why Romney was able to maintain a substantial lead among white men and still lose the election. When your target is a shrinking number of people and your strategy is to keep them on board by alienating the rising urban ethnic groups (by, let’s say, failing to come up with a sensible immigration plan), it’s no wonder you lose elections. – Trevin Wax

Politics, Pollsters, and Fox News: Don’t Create a “Conservative” Set of Facts – Just because everyone YOU know thinks one way does not mean it is the majority. When everyone you know is voting for the same candidate you are, the polls can seem unbelievable. But as we saw in the final results, they were accurate…  Making accusations can hurt your credibility. Facts are our friends. And, everyone had some similar facts here. The truth is that while everyone acknowledged the momentum gained after the first debate, Governor Romney never had a sustained lead in the swing states… People have selective memory–we can think, “But I saw when he was up in the battleground states!” Yes– in a few polls he was ahead, and those were given prominence on The Drudge Report. But, that was never consistent in the majority of polls. – Ed Stetzer

Now that President Obama was re-elected, what should we do? – Yes, by all means we are to discern the times. Having done so, however, we find that what God calls us to do is what He calls us to do in all times.  Fearful of the economy? Spend less then you make. Want to benefit from the booming economy? Spend less than you make. Inflation running rampant? Spend less than you make. Deflation rattling its saber? Spend less than you make. – R.C. Sproul, Jr.


One thought on “This and That 11-10-12

  1. Thanks for the post. It seems to ba a popular meme – the, if the conservatives would just lern to speak to all ethnicities, all would be well. But I think this hides a brutal fact: that no matter what we do to make people like us, the media will always find a reason to tear us down. We must find a way around the mainstream media. Their endless harping about Romney being too right wing was a joke. Conservatives had long complained that Romney was too moderate. Do I believe the conservatives or the media? The former. Offer up someone who can articulate conservatism, go right to the American people, and our chances improve. For now, the Dems offering the most freebies, with the media running interference with their memes (i.e. lies), works great. But, as the fiscal realities set in, and we end up with Depression-era soup lines and 30-40% unemployment, the necessity of an alternative will be the mother of invention.

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