The Best Quotes, Tweets, Updates and Blogs from Election Day

‎”Unfortunately, there are many who want to tell us what they think will happens and the dozen reason why their predictions are smarter than the myriad of others. Pundits on morning shows compete with pastors in the pulpit to tell us their best guesses about the future of our country, our churches, and our families if we don’t follow their personal game plan. Fear, manipulation, and half-truths are the order of the day.  But how often are they right? The anti-Christ has not yet taken over the earth. The Russians haven’t invaded. Things aren’t over no matter which way this election goes. The end of our stories has yet to be finished and the end may still yet be much, much better than the beginning.” – Three Lessons From Election Day

“To all my Reformed friends, sorry that Election Day wasn’t what you had in mind.” – Greg Locke (Twitter)

“All over my FB feed, on the radio, Twitter and elsewhere, I see people saying, “No matter whether or not you are interested in politics, no matter who you support, no matter if you care at all — just go out and VOTE! It’s the American way! etc…, etc….”   Um…may I disagree? If you don’t care who wins, if you don’t know yet whom you support, if you are lethargic about politics — feel FREE to set at home and watch some more Jerry Springer. Seriously! It’s your right NOT to vote too. Don’t be bullied into going through a meaningless-to-you process because of peer pressure. If you haven’t educated yourself to the candidates or their positions — relax, stay at home! It’s not a crime to not participate. Seriously. ” – Sarcalogical Perspectives  (Facebook)

‎”We don’t have to freak out on election day. Yes we should vote. Yes we should pray for godly leaders. Yes we should support life. Don’t misunderstand me. But we shouldn’t be overwhelmed with worry or fear. On election day, God laughs. He isn’t worried about the outcome of the election. He isn’t worried about the wrong candidate getting into office.” – God Is Laughing Especially Hard Today

“Didn’t Rock the Vote. I Southern Gospel’ed it.” – Church Curmudgeon (Twitter)

“Between the Christians on both the Right and Left who believe they are selecting a Great High Priest to secure their own view of being the new Chosen People of God, to the holier-than-thou, less-than-conscientious election objectors still serenely spinning from their latest Jesus juke against voting at all, there is only one thing to say:  I believe in the Australian ballot — SHUT UP AND LEAVE ME ALONE!!!” – Kevin Hozey (Facebook)

“I have been extremely disappointed with Christian activists pastors (Democrat and Republican) who have tried to guilt Christians into voting pragmatically on the basis that a third party vote would be a vote for their opponent. It’s manipulative to say — for example — that a vote for a 3rd party is a vote for Obama (or that a non-vote is a vote for Obama). No, it quite simply is a vote for a 3rd party and a non-vote is a non-vote. Nothing more. If I vote for a 3rd party it means that neither of the major contenders won my vote. This is a free country and while it is a privilege to vote, it is also a privilege to not vote if we are so inclined. It’s also a sacred right to vote one’s conscience. If I have to choose between a Stalin and a Hitler I want the right to not vote. Or, I can choose a 3rd option even if it is obvious that only Stalin or Hitler will win. I have no moral obligation to choose between the “lesser of two evils.” Having said that, however, I voted for Romney/Ryan today. I have my reasons. But they weren’t because of the manipulative logic of activists.” – Bob Bixby (facebook)

“fyi: you just cant fake conservatism!” – Lauren Stephens (facebook)


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