Political Endorsement: My Vote for President

Note:  This post originally appeared on the Conservative Times Blog in a symposium on independent-minded voters.  You can check out the entire symposium here.

This was the most difficult election choice I have made since I began voting. I can honestly say I was not sure which way I was going to go until I was actually in the booth. I had narrowed it down to two candidates: Mitt Romney and Virgil Goode.

My conscience will not allow me to cast my vote for the President. His extreme stance on abortion is something I must oppose with every fiber of my being. His redistributionist economic philosophy is nothing I could ever support.

Gary Johnsonof the Libertarian Party is a candidate who intrigues me. I had the privilege of chatting with him in person once and I used

Governor Garry Johnson

to be a regularly invited guest on his blogger conference calls. By far, Governor Johnson has the best resume of all the other third party candidates. He is bright, bold and charismatic. He is a great communicator well capable of explaining a message of fiscal sanity. However, I was greatly disappointed when he switched his position on gay marriage. When I asked him about it (while he was still the GOP) he assured me that while he supported marriage equality personally, he believed this was best handled on the state level. Once he began his bid for the Libertarian Party nomination he suddenly thought this was a national issue. I also cannot agree with his pro-choice views either.

As for the rest of the third party candidates, only Tom Hoefling of America’s Party stands out as someone I could vote for. However, I can’t take Tom as too serious of a candidate as he has little chance to even make a decent third party showing.

So that leaves two campaigns – Romney/Ryan and Goode/Clymer. This was tough. As I already stated, I didn’t make up my mind till I actually made into the booth. I decided to go with Romney/Ryan. Let me explain…

Congressman Virgil Goode

I like Virgil Goode. I had the honor of meeting him last week when he took time out his busy schedule (the day of the Free and Equal debate) to speak to my students. He was engaging and stuck around to answer every question the students had, even when short on time. He was a gentleman and made his case very well. I love his consistent 100% pro-life record. He has been a champion of conservatism. However, I do not share his views on immigration. The idea of a moratorium on green cards goes way too far in my opinion. I also had to take into consideration the fact that ultimately Congressman Goode will be unlikely to even capture 1% of the vote. He wasn’t even on the ballot in my state (Illinois).

As for Governor Romney, I don’t like the man. In fact, I don’t even trust the man. I lived in Massachusetts while he served as Governor. I was not impressed then. I remember his repeated assertions that he was indeed pro-choice. I remember his statement about being more pro-homosexual than Ted Kennedy. I remember his failure to stand against an activist court as he ordered those under him to begin implementing gay marriage. Flip flop after flip flop enshrines him in my mind as a political opportunist. So, why in the world would I cast my vote for this man? I didn’t. I voted for Paul Ryan.

I’m going to admit it, I love Paul Ryan. I’ve had the privilege of meeting him many times. I’ve had the chance to speak with him and

Congressman Paul Ryan

question him on several different occasions. I am highly impressed with this young man. First of all, he is 100% pro-life – no exceptions. My liberal, feminist friends exploded on Facebook once his selection was announced. That alone might have won my vote! Fiscally, Congressman Ryan is the best qualified to bring us back from jumping into economic abyss and destruction. No, his budget does not balance for several years in the future – but it is a start. His roadmap has been called draconian and heartless even by moderates. I believe it’s the best option we have at the moment that has even a chance of getting passed.

I would love to correct everything wrong with Washington all at once. I love Governor Johnson’s plan to balance to budget tomorrow, but it’s not going to happen. What took years to get off track will not be completely fixed in one election. I no longer buy into the idea that it’s all or nothing. This approach has not brought the all it has promised and has only left with a bunch of nothing.

Am I voting for the lesser of two evils? No. I am voting for the lesser of five evils. There is no perfect candidate. Each candidate is a sinner before God and imperfect before men. I understand the argument that the GOP is not Constitutional enough and is at best leading us to the same fate/destination as the Democrats are trying to lead us, but just a bit slower. I voted for Mitt Romney in order to at very least give our country a little more time before get there. Maybe in that time we will come to our senses as a nation and begin to seriously consider returning back to a purely Constitutional platform. We’re not there yet, we need more time. As for the life issue, I voted for the candidate who can do more for the unborn than the others can. Voting for the candidate who has at least a shot of saving some babies is better than voting for the candidate who has no chance of saving all babies. I would hate to think there will be some children murdered in the womb because I voted for the guy who couldn’t get anything done.

I voted my conscience. I voted for Romney/Ryan. I urge you to vote for which ever candidate your conscience allows you to vote for, even if that differs from my candidate.


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