Who won the Final Presidential Debate?

No one.

Let’s  face it, we didn’t learn a ton of new information in this debate.  Let’s also admit that neither candidate changed anyone’s minds.  Let’s just be honest.  These debates are merely about style, performance and one-liners.  Even when it comes to declaring a winner based on those categories, its hard to say.  I am obviously biased toward Romney over Obama, so its hard to look at this objectively.  It didn’t help that the topic of foreign policy is not the most exciting topic.

Its time we started asking for real debates.  If you want a great example of what a real debate could look like, check out the Newt Gingrich/Herman Cain Lincoln-Douglas style debate held during the primaries.  (Side note, I still would love to see Newt debate Obama one-on-one – that would be incredible ) Questions were not merely answered, but explained and examined.  The candidates got to question each other.  There was no great one-liner because the emphasis was on the conversation, not merely performance.

So, why don’t we have this type of debate?  Everyone admits the debates we have been suffering through have been light on substance.  The problem is good, deep and probing debates don’t get ratings.  People like to see a fight, despite what they actually say.

I say four years from now we make a bold statement and demand something better and accept nothing less.  If you are really unsatisfied with the quality of televised debates, turn them off.  People take notice of ratings, not complaints.

Maybe tomorrow night’s Third Party debate will be better.

I realize this was not much of post-debate analysis, but it was on my mind at the close of this event.  But, hopefully my live-tweeting will make up for it…  Here they starting at the bottom and ending at the top.

“I think we all love teachers.” – @bobschieffer – I hope so! #debates

Wisconsin Shout out! Romney wants to win Badgerland! #debates

Ok, let’s be reasonable, folks. Of course Obama keeps mentioning himself – its not childish. The man is defending his record. #debates

Please notice, Obama also completely ducked the question as well. Where is @bobschieffer when you need him? #debates

Obama calling Mitt on his many flip-flops. Obama also playing the OBL card – an effective card only he can play. #debates

Romney completely ducked that question about Israel attacking. Wonder what the President will say. #debates

Obama hits back hard about visiting Israel as a candidate. Powerful, in my opinion. #debates

“You skipped Israel.. and they noticed that you skipped Israel.” – Romney to Obama #debates

I’m standing behind my Romney/Frankenstein comparison earlier. #debates

Romney hitting hard, reminding the President of some inconvenient campaign promises… #debates

“Some times during this campaign it sounded like you would do the same things we would do, but just say it louder.” – President Obama

For a guy who is not thought of in the media and the DNC as a details-guy, Romney seems to be pretty specific and detailed tonight. #debates

Good round for the President. #debates

Does anyone remember when this debate was supposed to be on foreign policy? #debates

Mitt hits the teachers unions, but not teachers. CNN undecided voter ticker didn’t like that comment. #debates

“Nowhere in the world is the influence of America greater than it was four years ago.” – Romney #debates

Mr. President, you’re no Jack Kennedy! #debates

The most shocking thing either candidate could say tonight is, “Hey, maybe we don’t differ all that much on this.” #debates

@pastorbmac the long face, facial expressions while listening Obama – Looks a little Frankensteinish looking. Not a comment on content

The best network to watch for debate coverage – @CNN – I love the undecided voter live ratings and speaking time counts. #debates

Is it just me, or is Romney looking a lot like Frankenstein tonight? #debates

Romney just hit Obama with the Putin comment about more flexibility after re-election. This is a fight. #debates

“Attacking me is not an agenda.” – Mitt Romney #debates

“I know you haven’t been in a position to execute foriegn policy…” – Another great line from President Obama #debates

“The 1980’s are calling and they want their foreign policy back.” – Great line from President Obama #debates

OK, Mitt just mentioned gender equality. Once again, over-compensating for “binders full of women.” #debates

“We can’t kill our way out of this mess.” – Romney #debates

Trying to get past binders full of women, Romney just mentioned women’s rights in the Middle East. #debates

It’s the second-to-last debate this election year… Here we go…


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