Who Won Tonight’s Vice Presidential Debate?

I’ve got to say that I’m going with Paul Ryan as the winner of this debate.  But, that being said, I was a little disappointed with his overall performance.  When it came to policy, Vice President Biden was in the driver’s seat.  Ryan came off sounding ok, maybe even competent, but not as confident or as knowledgeable as the Vice President.  His answer concerning troop withdrawal was confusing.  But, mainly I think I was expecting much more from the Congressman.  However, when it came to economic issues, Ryan was right on track.  His two best lines of the night were commenting that the Vice President of all people should know that words sometimes don’t come out right and that there are not enough rich people to tax in order to fund Democratic spending.

The main reason why I chose Ryan as the winner was because of the smugness of Joe Biden.  The man simply showed no self-control.  The split screen did him in.  He couldn’t help but smirk the entire time.  On one side of the screen Paul Ryan is talking about terrorist attacks and on the other side Joe Biden had a huge grin plastered on his face.  When he wasn’t smirking, he was interrupting.  When he wasn’t interrupting he had the audacity to keep begging for a “equal time.”  By the way, according to CNN, Biden had more over all speaking time.  It just didn’t look good at all.  Paul Ryan looked good by simply weathering hurricane Joe.  If Biden had been under control, he could have won this debate.  He’s a smart guy who knows what he is talking about.  He didn’t come off sounding like the elder statesman he is.

Of course, the other factor in all this is my incredible bias toward Paul Ryan to begin with.  So I’m not exactly impartial in all this.

The good news for both sides is that this debate will be forgotten by this time next week on the heels of the second Presidential debate.

Well, as is our tradition here at the Thompsonian Times, here are my live tweets during the debate.  Remember, the earlier tweets are found at the bottom.

I’m glad Biden had time to squeeze in one last blame Bush moment… #vpdebate

Seriously, Biden is now all of a sudden concerned about equal time? #vpdebate

Biden is quiet all of a sudden. #vpdebate

How does your religion effect your view on abortion – awesome question. #vpdebate

“The last thing we need is another ground war in the Middle East.” – Finally Mr. Biden and I agree on something.

Maybe he should have said “Afgans to do the job” one more time. #vpdebate

So clearly foreign policy is not Paul Ryan’s field of expertise. #vpdebate

Mr. Vice President, with all do respect, close your mouth for a minute… #vpdebate

Ok, this is the Paul Ryan I know – spouting out the numbers and facts like good wonk – this guy knows what he’s talking about. #vpdebate

“There aren’t enough rich people to tax to fund all the spending they want.” – Ryan #vpdebate

Ryan was right, Biden is trying to overcompensate for Obama’s lackluster performance. #vpdebate

Ryan might win this debate just on sympathy and pity alone if Biden keeps going on like this. #vpdebate

Wow, Biden just can’t shut up! Interupting doesn’t help. #vpdebate

You should be watching this debate on CNN. The dial lines are really interesting. #vpdebate

Ok, that round belongs to Biden. #vpdebate

Paul Ryan asks for stimulus money – bad move. Biden has him on the ropes with that one. #vpdebate

“I think the Vice President knows that sometimes words don’t come out right.” – Ryan #vpdebate

That was a hard hit – Ryan asked Biden what the unemployment rate is in Scranton, PA 10%. It was 8% when Obama took office. Ouch! #vpdebate

Janesville shout out! #vpdebate

Biden says we can and we will get unemployment below 6%. What have you done that would give such a statement any credibility? #vpdebate

Biden’s condescension is making up for Ryan’s lack of foreign policy experience. #vpdebate

“This is a bunch of stuff.” – Biden waxing elloquent. #vpdebate

Does Biden know this is a split screen? #vpdebate

Why is Joe Biden smiling while Ryan is describing terrorist attacks? #vpdebate

Ok, so I gotta admit, Paul Ryan looks like a young kid wearing his father’s suit. #vpdebate

Here we go! #vpdebate

2 Catholics squaring off 2night. Many say Biden is more true 2 his faith concerning the poor, but why isn’t any1 talking about the unborn?


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