And the Winner of Last Night’s Debate Was…

So I was just checking my blog stats and for some reason I had a huge spike last night.  That’s when it dawned on me, my blog posts concerning the primary debates where always my most read posts.  All of a sudden, people were checking old posts about those debates according to my stats page.  So, I apologize to all of checking here – you were disappointed.  I didn’t even think to post my traditional post-debate thoughts here on the blog.  My bad.

Well, here’s my short thoughts on the debate.  Mitt Romney was on fire – clear and simple.  I think the President was caught off guard, despite the help he received from moderator Jim Lehrer!  Romney was clearly ready for this debate and was in drivers seat most of the night.  As you all now, I’ve never been a huge fan of the former Massachusetts Governor.  However, last night may be the turning point in this struggling campaign.  We finally saw the “fire in the belly” Scott Walker has been urging Romney to show.

Now that having been said, I still have my reservations about Romney.  His views seem to change with shifting wind.  What he says today may not be the spin he puts out tomorrow.  But for now what we can be assured of is that he is against Obama.  Right now, that works for me.  Of course the best about Mitt Romney is Paul Ryan!

Here are a collection of facebook updates I posted during the debate.  I know I normally use twitter, but last night I was just off my game…

I just heard Mitt Romney say in a nationally televised debate that he likes Big Bird.

Romney is clearly in beast mode tonight…

Forcing myself to think of others and not clog up everyone’s facebook wall with my thoughts on tonight’s debate. Besides, I can’t top Scott Oakland and Sarcalogical Perspectives. Those guys are awesome.

Ok, so when will the candidates start to address the impending bacon shortage? If I were Romney, I’d be all over this…

Ok, does anyone else think its odd to hear the President complain about someone else not giving details? But on the other hand, he’s right even though Romney’s been more specific tonight. Yes, my head is spinning…

This last question about how the candidates differ on their view of the role of government is very interesting.

“This county believes we’re all children of the same god.” – Mitt Romney.

Mitt Romney just claimed Massachusetts schools are number one in the nation. My wife leaned over to me asked if this was true, and then asked me if that if that was true did I somehow miss out on it.

Ok, I am SOOOOOO looking forward to the Ryan/Biden debate now more than ever.

Well, next week I’ll be back ready to go for the Vice Presidential debate.


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