Free E-Book Alert – Bundling with Vampires by Doug Wilson

Douglas Wilson is offering yet another free e-book (in pdf format only) – Bundling with Vampires, a critique of the whole Twilight craze a few years ago.  Ya, it may be a bit outdated at this point, but its still Doug Wilson!  Oh, and there is one other catch, you have to join his e-mail list.  I, personally, think it is worth the price.

Here is the Canon Press production description:

BUNDLING WITH VAMPIRES: A REVIEW OF TWILIGHT, ONE BITE AT A TIME: Find out how Stephanie Meyer’s teen bestseller Twilight is “a manual for abused women.”
Bundling With Vampires is a chapter-by-chapter ebook review of the NYT-bestselling book by Stephanie Meyer. Besides delving into all the amusing aesthetic dreck, these reviews demonstrate how Twilight equips and motivates girls to get themselves deep into abusive relationships. The ebook also includes Wilson’s Huffington Post article “50 Shades of Prey,” which explains why it’s no accident that the “mommy-porn” S&M bestseller 50 Shades of Grey began as Twilight fan-fiction. Read more on the Canon blog.
Download the book here.

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