Free E-Book Alert – Disability and the Soveriegnty of God by John Piper

Once again our fine friends at Desiring God have released yet another free e-book:

In one sense the Olympics are a global celebration of perfect bodies. But we know the Olympics do not represent real life. In the real world most bodies don’t look and work like that.

Disabilities are a reality. They break into our lives in various forms: as the product of genetic misalignments in the womb, as the result of tragic accidents, as the byproducts of infectious disease, and from the degenerative effects of old age. They affect joints, bones, nervous systems, lungs, hearts, and brains. And even in the United States — a country that leads the world in medical innovation and technology — roughly 20% of citizens live with a disability.

And no church is immune. Every church leader must be prepared to answer very hard questions about the goodness and sovereignty of God.

Does God have a good design in my disability?

Disability and the Sovereign Goodness of God is a free ebook that seeks to answer that question. It includes four John Piper sermons and an interview with the father of a disabled son. With a focus on John 5:1–18 and John 9:1–38 this ebook is designed to serve pastors who will be called on to minister God’s Word to God’s people at decisive points in broken lives. The question is not if disabilities will surface in your church, the question is how will you respond when they do? At those decisive moments, what will you say?

Download the book here:   pdf     epub     mobi


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