Mitt Romney Protest Chants

I love protesters, but these guys just need help.   Last month I attend a Mitt Romney rally in Janesville, WI.  While waiting in the long line to get in (and, no, I never did actually make it in) these protesters were across the street I guess to entertain us.  Now, this is Wisconsin.  Wisconsin liberals KNOW how to protest.  I was there in the Madison during the budget repair bill protests.  Now, that was protesting!  These guys were just sad.  Here are the chants you can view on the video:

Mitt Romney you were sent, only by the one percent.

Mitt Romney, please explain how come you’re so lame.

Hey, Mitt, we need more jobs, not more corporate snobs.

My only explanation is that maybe after loosing the  recall these progessives just lost heart.  Perhaps they are in a bit of depression.  I hope they are able to regroup before November, otherwise this campaign season will be just plain boring.


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