Mitt Romney Wants to be “Very Clear” on His Stance on Abortion


Here’rs just another reason why I can’t jump on board the Romney train.  When he ran for senate in liberal MA he was pro-choice.  When he ran for

Ann Romney in Janesville, WI

governor in liberal MA he was pro-choice.  Suddenly, when he ran for president in a conservative Republican field of candidates he turns pro-life.  Is this what we call leadership?

Another reason why I’m having trouble supporting Romney also goes back to his time in Massachusetts.  Have you noticed that Romney has not mentioned his governorship at all during this campaign?  Its because his time in Beacon Hill was nothing to write home about let alone campaign on.  As much as we deride President Obama for not being able to run on his record during this abysmal economy (and always blaming Bush), we have to wonder why Romney is ignoring his record.  In fact, the only thing he did accomplish (i.e. health care reform) is the very thing he is now running against!

I was there in Massachusetts during his time as governor.  I even voted for the man.  I recall his campaign focused on saving the Olympics and creating jobs through Bain Capital.  It sounds exactly like his campaign now – except he failed as a governor.  He won’t run on his record in the only government job he was elected to carry out.

Why should I be excited about this guy?  Is a vote for Romney really a better alternative to four more years of President Obama?  Convince me, please.  I would love to hear your comments.  Honestly. I’m not looking to argue – I’m looking for a reason to get behind Romney.  I don’t want to vote for President Obama and I’m not all that excited about any third party candidate (although that just may be the route I go) at this point.


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