An Anti-CCM Argument Down the Drain…

I’ve been meaning to post this for weeks.  But, now is just as good a time as any…  A few weeks ago my wife and I were traveling home from St. Charles, IL and found ourselves stuck in traffic sitting next to a jeep who couldn’t help but blare their music.  Normally, I can’t stand this!  If you wish to enjoy your music, fine.  But why are you forcing me to enjoy your music as well?  Anyway, I digress…  The music that was playing was something in the genre of hip-hop – a music I typically have no use for.  Yet, as I continued to wait for the seeming endless right light to turn green I suddenly recognized the music.  It was Lecrae!  For those of you who don’t know, Lecrae is a Christian hip hop artist.  Now, I enjoyed listening to this music and was a little disappointed when the light did turn green.  I was encouraged that this man’s very Christian lyrics were influencing someone else.  Praise the Lord.

After this moment passed it dawned on me that this was the polar-opposite of what I was always told by some of my fundamentalists preachers and teachers would happen.  I was told, by more than one preacher or evangelist, about how horrible a testimony it would be if my CCM music was blaring out of my car stereo system as other drives passed by.  All those poor heathen on the highways would think I was merely one of them because that worldly CCM music was clearly something they could associate with being unregenerate and all…

Oh well, I guess they were wrong about that one.


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