This and That 06-22-12

Black and White and Red All Over: Why Racial Justice Is a Gospel Issue – On the question of civil rights in the American Christian context, there is little question that, with few exceptions, the “progressives” were right, often heroically right, and the “conservatives” were wrong, often satanically wrong. In the narrative of the dismantling of Jim Crow, conservatives were often the villains and progressives were most often on the side of the angels, indeed on the side of Jesus. – Russell Moore

The One Indispensable Rule for Using Social Media – Whether you are a tween, a teen, a pastor, a politician, a grandma, or a grad student, whether you blog, tweet, post, or pin, here is the one indispensable social media rule you must follow if you want to be wise, edifying, and save yourself a lot of anguish:  Assume that everyone, everywhere will read what you write and see what you post. – Kevin DeYoung

Evangelicals and Romney: Politics Trumps Theology? – I don’t see it that way. I think that for many evangelicals, there are settings (i.e. church) in which theology largely trumps politics, and other settings in which politics trumps theology (i.e. the voting booth). That is normal, as we balance our lives in the city of man and the city of God. For example, imagine if Mitt Romney came to a typical evangelical congregation and said, “I am a Mormon, and I want to join your church. Don’t worry about our theological differences, though, because I am a Republican!” I trust this would not fly. – Thomas Kidd

“Why is your mommy White?” – She asked my son an honest question, and he gave her a surprising answer: ”Noah, why is your mommy white?”As I’ve written about before on this blog, my family is multi-ethnic. Melissa and I are White, our daughter is White, and our two sons are Black. We live in a fairly racially diverse neighborhood (Whites, Blacks, and Hispanics), and our children attend racially diverse schools.  My youngest (pictured below) was asked the above question a year ago when he was in 2nd grade. He was 7 years old. My wife was volunteering in the classroom that day. One of my son’s Black classmates heard him call this visiting White woman “Mommy.” So, she quite understandably asked him what she was wondering, “Noah, why is your mommy White?”  Noah’s answer was immediate and matter-of-fact. He simply replied (actually, not so simply), “That’s not a question that Martin Luther King, Jr. would ask. It’s the content of your character that matters, not the color of your skin.” Wow. – Dan Cruver

5 Problems with Unconditional Forgiveness – To be sure, Christians should unconditionally adopt anattitude of forgiveness. We ought always to “wrap the package” of forgiveness. But if the other party refuses to open the present, then forgiveness has not taken place in its fullest sense.  (See others on conditional forgiveness).  While automatic forgiveness sounds like an antidote to bitterness, this is not the case. Those who try and simply dismiss grave offenses, apart from resting in the justice of God, often encounter emotional and theological problems. Here is an incomplete list of problems that sometimes arise from unconditional forgiveness. – Chris Brauns


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