Another Free E-Book – Heart, Soul, Might Edited by Dr. Kevin Bauder

Ok, so here is another free e-book I have found online that is worth passing along to you, my faithful blog readers.  Some of my regular blog readers (aka my wife) have noticed that every day this week since Sunday I have been posting about free books.  This is not normally what this blog is about.  This is not a blog that exclusively deals with books, but the exclusive purpose of this blog is to post my random thoughts and opinions.  Just thought I would clear that up…

Anyway, this book catches my attention for three reasons.  First, it is free.  Second, it is edited by Dr. Kevin Bauder of Central Seminary.  Dr. Bauder is a guy I have grown to respect.  He is a moderate, reasonable and scholarly voice in the halls of Fundamentalism that I wish were reproduced a thousand times.    Third, this book is an attempt to employ deep theology in a devotional way.

Here is Central Seminary’s description of the book:

To love God is the first and greatest commandment. Devotion and theology should never be separated. Our devotion is inescapably informed by our theology and our theology fails in its purpose unless it terminates in devotion. This is what it means to love God with all our heart, soul, and might.

When God’s people know God deeply and love God rightly, they will be able to articulate and appreciate the gospel’s importance for themselves and for others. This book, then, is an expression of Central Seminary’s commitment to the church and to the gospel. The essays in this book are sent forth with the prayer that they will enrich the lives of God’s people.

To help further the devotional life of the church, the faculty of Central Seminary has collaborated to produce a series of meditations on knowing and loving God.

Download the Amazon Kindle version of the book here; download the PDF version of the book here.


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