We Don’t Like Lost People – They’re Messy!

Most Christians don’t like lost people.  We wish it were not so, but it is.  Lost people don’t think like us;

  • they don’t vote like us;
  • they influence our kids;
  • they don’t know our inside references to Dobson, Left Behind, and Dave Ramsey.
  • They are not “our” people.

Let’s face it:  people outside of Christ can be messy!  Most of the time there is at least one or more divorces, meaning blended families.  Their credit card debt is so high they cannot be financial givers to the church.  Their kids can be unruly, putting marks on the clean walls of the church building and running around unrestrained.  They do not often know the unspoken “cues” in “our church” –

  • when we stand; how we act;
  • what version of the Bible we read from;
  • that when the pastor asks a question from the front, usually we are not expected to call out an answer; and so forth.

Comeback churches made the hard decision that they will love the lost as much as Jesus did.

–          Comeback Churches by Ed Stetzer and Mike Dodson, page 62


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