This and That 06-09-12

The FAQs: Southern Baptists, Calvinism, and God’s Plan of Salvation – Two weeks ago a group of current and former Southern Baptist leaders signed and posted a statement which attempts to draw a clear line between Calvinism and what they call the “traditional Southern Baptist” of soteriology. The document has attracted a considerable number of supporters and critics and sparked a vocal debate about the role of Reformed theology within the Southern Baptist Convention. – Joe Carter

Today on a Radio Free Geneva: The Traditional Southern Baptist View of Salvation? – As announced, we did a special “extra” DL this week, a Radio Free Geneva discussing the aforementioned statement defining “the” traditional Southern Baptist view of the gospel. In other words, we reviewed the very poorly written, confusing, straw-man filled document produced by a group of traditional synergists in the SBC. – James White

Southern Baptists and Salvation: It’s Time to Talk – Clearly, some Southern Baptists do not want to identify as either Calvinists, non-Calvinists, or Arminians. That is fine by me, but these theological issues have been debated by evangelicals for centuries now, and those labels stick for a reason. – Dr. Albert Mohler

It’s Not as Bad as You Think, It’s Worse – It is, however, worse. The trouble is not that the President made this announcement. The trouble is not that marriage is in danger. The trouble is that our nation is so lost, so deluded, so willfully ignorant that the President’s announcement makes good political sense. That is, the problem isn’t what this tells us about marriage. It isn’t what it tells us about the President. It’s what it tells us about us. We, as a nation, are a nation that does not simply snort and giggle when someone suggests that two men or two women could be married. We, even in the church, haven’t even the most basic biblical lens to see this movement as Romans 1 come to life. We are instead at worst backpedaling, compromising, nuancing, or at best thinking ourselves valiant worldview warriors for listening to the right radio programs and reading the right blogs. – R.C. Sproul, Jr.


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