This and That 05-05-12

New Study Finds That 95% Of Nerdy White Christian Men Claim to Love Rap – “We were pretty surprised by the results of the study,” said Thomas Menchen, leader of the study. “When you think of the white, nerdy, Christian demographic, you don’t usually think of rap music. You think of books like Systematic Theology and artists like Michael Card and Fernando Ortega. But for some unexplainable reason, white nerdy Christians are flocking to Christian rap. We suspect that John Piper is somehow responsible, although we can’t prove that yet.” – Steven Altrogge

Hiding Above the Fray – I get nervous when the middle ground is always the safe spot. I wonder if the two sides are being described fairly. Or if there are really twenty sides instead of two. I wonder if the sane voice of civility crying in the uncouth wilderness has something it doesn’t want me to hear. I wonder if instead of getting an intellectual argument for the truth I’m getting an emotional appeal to feel superior than the lowbrow rabble-rousers. I am skeptical of those whose first instinct in the midst of theological, political, or cultural controversy is to plead with everyone that there doesn’t have to be a controversy. – Kevin DeYoung

How the Threefold Office Reorients our Apologetics – Accordingly, apologetics becomes all about me, a form of narcissistic obsession with methodology that fleshes itself out in formulas. Are you actually listening to what the other person is saying, or are you waiting for your turn to talk? Are you merely waiting to drop that bomb you’ve been waiting to drop while the other person is bringing up legitimate questions and objections? Ready to pounce with a pre-written agenda?  Are you even aware of the world around you? Did you ever stop to consider that your task for apologetics is also pastoral, and could take months, or even years? There is nothing formulaic about responding to one of the common objections: hypocrisy. Your response must be well thought out and probably specific to the situation. The fact of the matter is,we are all hypocrites, but Christ has helped us embrace the ugliness of our Church as He embraced us on the cross. We’re not perfect, it’s a community of truth and grace; and, we’re ugly, but Christ will make us beautiful as He is. It’s hard to speak in formulas and agenda with objections like hypocrisy. – Andrew Kischner

The Powerless Gospel of Fundamentalism – Gospel Terms According to Fundamentalism – Nobody in a fundamental church will deny that salvation is by grace through faith in Christ apart from works. But here’s what they mean by those terms:  Salvation – A free “get out of hell card” and a free “ticket to heaven”… Grace – God’s kind willingness to let you get off the hook for your sins. He pays your tab for you… Faith – A mental agreement and nothing more… Christ – Savior, Son of God, second member of the Trinity (at least they get this theologically correct)… Works – anything more than mental agreement. – Will Dudding

Giving in to “Weaker Brothers” – I think you can definitely get in trouble if you’re always giving in to “weaker brothers”. It’s one thing to aim not to offend, it’s quite another to live your life with the weaker brother always potentially popping up at every turn. – Bob Hayton

Is the Megachurch the New Liberalism? – The Gospel is robbed of its power if any sinner or any sin is declared outside its saving power. But the Gospel is also robbed of its power if sin — any sin — is minimized to any degree. – Al Mohler


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