RIP Chuck Colson (1931-2012)

Chuck Colson signing my book.

It is hard to put into words the impact Chuck Colson had on my life.  From an early age I was taught to view him as a hero.  One of the conspirators of the most well-known scandal to ever rock Washington D.C. (Watergate), Colson’s loyalty to Richard Nixon and his political agenda who cause him to defame others and engage in such dirty political tricks that he would find himself in federal prison for several months.  Yet, in the midst of this depravity, God lifted this poor sinner out of the depths of sin and drew him to Himself.

If there is one word to describe Chuck Colson it is “Redemption.”  Colson could have re-entered the life politics but chose rather to invest his life into prison – the very place God used to turn around his life.  Through the ministry of Prison Fellowship, Colson reached out the least of these, the criminals society gave up on, and sought to improve not only their physical well-being, but their eternal future.  But, he didn’t stop there.  Through the ministry of Chuck Colson, many people like me, were edified and encouraged through his teaching of a thoroughly Christian worldview.

In his later years Colson would be remembered for drafting the infamous Manhattan Declaration that encouraged believers of all stripes to stand united in their faith against the onslaught of a society and government which may become increasing hostile in the years to come.  He was a champion in cause of religious liberty.

Yes, I did not agree with everything the man did (i.e. the Evangelicals and Catholics Together document), but none of that matters much now as Chuck Colson is finally with his Redeemer face-to-face.   From one who benefited greatly from your laborers, Chuck –  thank you.

Now that Brother Colson has passed on to glory, this challenge seems all the more important for this worldview teacher.


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