This and That 04-07-12

Is Easter Too Violent for Kids? – We need to understand that this temptation isn’t just related to children, although we see it perhaps most explicitly there.The temptation that comes to all of us, in every era of the church, is to have Jesus, without seeing ourselves in the gore of his bloody cross and the glory of his empty grave. In the way that we speak of Him to our children, or to skeptics, or to seekers, we sometimes believe we’ll gain more of a hearing if we present Him as teacher but not as a former corpse. It is too disturbing, we think to ourselves, too weird. – Russell Moore

How Can I Stop Using My Phone All the Time? – This can be a real addiction. Scientists have detected that every time an email arrives, or we get an RT, or a Facebook like, our bodies inject a tiny squirt of pleasure chemical (it’s like a mini crack-cocaine hit). So every buzz or beep notification creates a craving in our bodies for the squirt-hit. – David Murray

Renewing Your Mind Minute – Over the years we have recorded over a thousand hours of Bible teaching. Now, to supplement our usual Renewing Your Mind broadcast, we are launching Renewing Your Mind Minute.  Mining the riches of Dr. Sproul’s teaching ministry, we are podcasting those “gold nuggets” sprinkled throughout to provide you with short insights on Reformed theology and the life-changing truths of historic Christianity. – Ligonier Ministries

Christianity in Crisis? A Response to Andrew Sullivan– He wants to return to the simple message of Jesus as if that message can be divorced from the Man who delivered it. Despite his protests against a politicized faith, Sullivan is saying we should follow a Man whose primary message concerned a kingdom. You can’t get more political than that.  It’s interesting to see how those who advocate a return to the words of Christ often display a frightening ignorance of what Jesus actually said. The primary message of Jesus was not love – at least, not love in our sense of the world. The message of Jesus was Love with a capital “L” – meaning, His message was about Himself. It was about His kingdom, His identity as king, and the cross that became His throne.


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