This and That 04-01-12

The Mega Millions Lottery Is a Suicidal Craze –  Tonight a ticket will be chosen worth over half a billion dollars. Lottery agents in New York were selling 1.3 million Mega Millions tickets per hour Thursday.  Officials were expecting to sell about 1.2 billion tickets total before the drawing.  “Americans spend about $60 billion on the lottery every year,” says Stephen Dubner, co-author of “Freakonomics.” “More than $500 per American household goes to playing the lottery.” (CBS This Morning)  There are at least seven reasons you should not gamble with your money in this way — and should tell your congressmen not to support it. – John Piper

The Ten Commandments for Commenting on Blogs – 6. Don’t ride hobby horses. Don’t make every post about your issue. Stay on target Gold Leader…  7. Don’t be rude. It’s a sin. Go ahead and speak passionately and forthrightly. But don’t assume the worst about others. Don’t put the worst possible construct on everyone’s motives. Let go of your hate. – Kevin DeYoung

Are Your Sermons Too Long? – Do not overload a sermon with too much matter. All truth is not to be comprised in one discourse. Sermons are not to be bodies of divinity. There is such a thing as having too much to say, and saying it till hearers are sent home loathing rather than longing. An old minister walking with a young preacher, pointed to a cornfield, and observed, “Your last sermon had too much in it, and it was not clear enough, or sufficiently well-arranged; it was like that field of wheat, it contained much crude food, but none fit for use. You should make your sermons like a loaf of bread, fit for eating, and in convenient form.” –C.H. Spurgeon, Lectures to My Students, p. 77

Episode #78 Jesus Plus Nothing Equals Everything – This week, we are pleased to have with us Tullian Tchividjian, author of the book Jesus Plus Nothing Equals Everything. Tullian is the Senior Pastor of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, and is a visiting professor of theology at Reformed Theological Seminary and a grandson of Billy and Ruth Graham. – ReformedCast


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