KevCast 06 – Question and Answer Panel Discussion

Listen to the audio stream here or download the mp3 recording here.

This week we have an interesting panel discussion I was privileged to moderate about month or so back at Rock Country Christian School where I teach.  The panel discussed some questions submitted by our students but I believe these are questions many Christians find themselves asking.  Topics bantered around include salvation, sanctification, homosexuality and free will.  Our discussions were lively and edifying so I thought I would share it with all of you, my internet followers and groupies.

This distinguished panel featured Pastor Tim Johnson (Rock Valley Chapel – Beloit, WI), Youth Pastor Cory Williams (Central Christian Church – Beloit, WI) and Phil Schomber – editor of Virtual Clarity Magazine.

Update – just finished the program, due to a new time limit, the last minute and closing theme music were cut off from the mp3 recording, but trust me – its still worth the download!

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