This and That 02-25-12

Amid Rivalry, Friendship Blossoms on the Campaign Trail – In a Republican presidential contest known for its angry rivalries, the Romney-Paul relationship stands out for its behind-the-scenes civility. It is a friendship that, by Mr. Paul’s telling, Mr. Romney has worked to cultivate. The question is whether it is also one that could pay dividends for Mr. Romney as he faces yet more setbacks in his struggle to capture the 1,144 delegates needed to win the nomination.

The Hymn of the Legalist– I hear the Savior say, “You’re not doing enough; Work your fingers to the bone, I will save those who are tough.” Jesus paid it some I will do the rest Sin had left a crimson stain Now I will give my best – Stephen Altroggee

When I Said I Still Liked Rush, I Meant Neil and the Boys… – Ultimately, my point is not to boycott Rush (although if you do, I won’t hold it against you). Just don’t pretend that his show or any other talk radio program is a profound dissertation on real issues. If it was, callers would be superfluous. Experts would weigh in with their carefully researched findings and the logical interpretations they are lead to from that data. Shrill histrionics and catatonic sycophantic babble have no place in something like that. So hey, listen to him- because even he is occasionally right on, you might as well admit your bias now if you can’t concede even that point- just bear in mind that tons of his callers are super annoying and don’t have a clue! – Ian Olsen

The Spectrum of Evangelicalism – We discuss the subject of the various points on the spectrum of evangelicalism with Dr. Kevin Bauder, one of the authors of the book  ”Four Views of the Spectrum of Evangelicalism”.  – The ReformedCast

An Open Letter to Praise Bands – If we, the congregation, can’t hear ourselves, it’s not worship. Christian worship is not a concert. In a concert (a particular “form of performance”), we often expect to be overwhelmed by sound, particularly in certain styles of music. In a concert, we come to expect that weird sort of sensory deprivation that happens from sensory overload, when the pounding of the bass on our chest and the wash of music over the crowd leaves us with the rush of a certain aural vertigo. And there’s nothing wrong with concerts! It’s just that Christian worship is not a concert. Christian worship is a collective, communal, congregational practice–and the gathered sound and harmony of a congregation singing as one is integral to the practice of worship. It is a way of “performing” the reality that, in Christ, we are one body. But that requires that we actually be able to hear ourselves, and hear our sisters and brothers singing alongside us. When the amped sound of the praise band overwhelms congregational voices, we can’t hear ourselves sing–so we lose that communal aspect of the congregation and are encouraged to effectively become “private,” passive worshipers. – James Smith

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