This and That 01-28-12

Bruins goalie Thomas declines White House visit for political reasons –  Boston Bruins‘ star goaltender Tim Thomas skipped Monday’s White House visit by the Stanley Cup champions due to political differences with President Barack Obama.  Thomas, a Flint, Mich., native and one of only two American players on the Bruins’ Stanley Cup roster last season, was the only Boston player to decline the invitation.  “I believe the Federal government has grown out of control, threatening the Rights, Liberties, and Property of the People,” Thomas said in a statement.

The Humanity of Christ Matters – It just doesn’t seem right to us to imagine Jesus feverish or vomiting or crying in a feeding trough or studying to learn his Hebrew. From the very beginning of the Christian era, those who sought to redefine the gospel argued that it doesn’t seem right to think of Jesus as really flesh and bone, filled with blood and intestines and urine. It doesn’t seem right to think of Jesus as growing in wisdom and knowledge, as Luke tells us he did. Somehow such things seem to us to detract from his deity, from his dignity. – Russell Moore

Some Thoughts on the Elephant Room – The embrace of Jakes and the subsequent glowing affirmations of what the “Holy Spirit” did during this meeting may communicate that Jakes only disagrees with orthodoxy on a few details and that he’s solid on the main things. The warm reception to Jakes may give viewers the impression that there is no real threat to God’s people in Jakes’ teaching. From what I saw, that would be a false impression. As a pastor, I would still give a grave warning to anyone from my congregation who comes under the influence of Jakes’ prosperity gospel. – Denny Burk


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