Who Won Tonight’s NBC Florida Presidential Debate?

No one.

I love debates.  I watch debates and primaries like most normal people keep up with the NFL.  Yet, this debate just left me bored.  I thought several questions were at just plain irrelevant (i.e. the Everglades and Terri Shiavo).   Even the answers weren’t all that great.  Sure, it’s always fun to see Newt and Mitt duke it out, but even these exchanges just didn’t seem to have much energy.  In short, it was just a snore-fest.  To be honest, the only reason why I even bothered posting this quick review is for the increase in hits that my blog welcomes every time I post anything about a debate…

If I had to pick someone to be a winner, it would either be Newt or Paul.  Newt always sounds good in any debate.  I loved Ron Paul’s comment about being tired of the isolationism of not talking with other nations.  Way to turn the issue right around!

So, what was different about this debate?  Why was this so different.  I suggest one of two possibilities.   First, we’ve had dozens of debates in these past few months.  Did we really learn anything new tonight?  It seems like the same old stuff, just addressed to a different audience and perhaps a few slightly different questions.  But the second (and more likely possibility) is I have turned into a political version of a NASCAR or pro hockey fan:  I’m just looking for a wreck or a fight to keep me engaged.

As always, here are my live thoughts tweeted throughout the debate.

Ok, so Newt’s record on advancing conservatism on a national level just can’t be topped. No else needs to answer after this! #fldebate

What have you done to advance conservatism? Mitt’s first answer was “raise a family.” Good answer. #fldebate

I am noticing that perhaps I am taking a nascar/hockey perspective on presidential debates – I need a wreck or a fight to keep my interest.

Ok, I love debates, but even I am getting bored with this one. #fldebate

Mitt, do u remember how many times Bush was criticized 4 playing golf during his 2 terms? Only conclusion – Presidents need a new hobby.

I really miss Governor Perry’s view on this whole immigration issue. Candidates, you have to have a heart when explaining your view here.

Is self-deportation really going to fly in the state of Florida? #fldebate #nbcdebate

Is English as the national language really an important issue? I just don’t see the need – but I do see the downsides of it… #Fldebate

Ok, other than the sweater vest trend which I love, Rick Santorum just plain scares me… #FLdebate

Ron Paul just said he doesn’t like the isolationism of not talking to people. Reframing the issue, good job. #Fldebate

Newt – Castro will not meet his maker, he’s going to another place… #Fldebate

Too bad @reformedcast is podcasting tonight, otherwise I’d be enjoying his tweets on tonight’s debate.

I was wondering when Brain Williams would jump back in this thing… #Fldebate

Newt – “I understand your method – you used it on McCain and Huckabee…” #Fldebate

Will a zero percent cap gains tax rate ever fly in the age of occupy? #Fldebate

I would back a Newt/Paul ticket 100% – but there’s probably a better chance of monkeys flying… #Fldebate

I agree with @RonPaul – despite what EVERYBODY says, Ron Paul could beat Obama if he somehow got the nomination (which is doubtful).

I can’t believe I missed the first ten minutes of tonight’s debate. I forgot all about it!

So, there are my thoughts, how about yours?  Who do you think won tonight’s debate.  And by the way, more than Ron Paul spammers are welcome to leave their comments…


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