Free Book on Abortion by John Piper

I have admired the ministry of John Piper for quite some time.  I have been greatly blessed by his Christ-centered and saturated preaching and writing.   His theology is sound, convicting and rich in depth and meaning.  I cannot begin to tell you the influence he has had on my own spiritual journey.

Among the host of theological issues Piper is known for is the issue of abortion.  I doubt there are many pastors in our nation who have managed to take the stand Piper does on this important issue.  What I love about Piper’s bold pro-life stance is that he manages to keep it clear from a conservative political agenda.  Yet at the same time, he has not been afraid of calling out even our own President over his pro-death (aka pro-choice) agenda.

Today Pastor Piper is making a short e-book on this subject available as a free e-book download.  I would strongly recommend that you download a copy today!

We are children of the light. Abortion is a work of darkness. The apostle Paul said, “Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them” (Ephesians 5:11).

Our aim, by the power of the Holy Spirit, in the name of Jesus Christ, through the authority of his word, is to glorify God by making much of his image in the unborn, and his mercy in forgiving sinners.

We would like to give you a free eBook based on three sermons I preached on abortion. We hope it helps you speak out. Please feel free to download it, print it, copy it, and share it with as many people as you like.

Here’s a sample sentence:

God is calling passive, inactive Christians today to engage our minds and hearts and hands in exposing the barren works of darkness. To be the conscience of our culture. To be the light of the world. To live in the great reality of being loved by God and adopted by God and forgiven by Christ (yes—for all the abortions that dozens of you have had), and be made children of the light. I call you to walk as children of light.

Thanks for caring,

John Piper

Download the book directly by clicking on the link below:


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