Free Books from Monergism

The Necessity of Reforming

the Church
by John Calvin

Available in ePub and Kindle .Mobi formats.

Seriously to Undertake The Task Of Restoring The Church. Presented In The Name Of All Those Who Wish Christ To Reign. First, I must briefly enumerate the evils which compelled us to seek for remedies. Secondly, I must show that the particular remedies which our Reformers employed were apt and salutary. Thirdly, I must make it plain that we were not at liberty any longer to delay putting forth our hand, in as much as the matter demanded instant amendment.

What the Bible Says About the DOCTRINES OF GRACE
by Nathan Pitchford

Available in both Kindle .mobi and ePub formats

A simple categorized scripture list – the entire paper is a list of scriptures, with the exception of a few brief explanatory notes, underscores the truth that this is God’s own word and teaching; and the fact that it would be categorized would facilitate the ready comparison of scripture with scripture so as to lead one to a full-orbed understanding of the biblical teaching. Although I found a few good scripture lists of that nature available online, none of them was laid out in quite the progression that I was looking for, and so I developed my own. I’m posting it here with just the scripture references. The study is also available in print from Monergism Books.

Christianity and Liberalism
by J. Gresham Machen

Available in Kindle .mobi and ePub formats

Machen’s classic defense of orthodox Christianity established the importance of scriptural doctrine and contrasts the teachings of liberalism and orthodoxy on God and man, the Bible, Christ, salvation, and the church. Though originally published nearly seventy years ago, the book maintains its relevance today.  Marked up by Lance Marshall

Summary of Christian Doctrine

by Louis Berkhof

Available in Kindle .mobi and ePub formats

The author’s Systematic Theology presented in briefer form.We admire this book for its clarity and for its fresh presentation of familiar material. The lessons are short and to the point. We know of no book on doctrine we would rather recommend to those who want a volume to which they can turn for a brief but sufficiently complete statement of the Bible’s teachings. Louis Berkhof presents a clear, concise summary of Reformed Christian doctrine suitable for scholastic theological classes, or home study.

The Old Testament Doctrine of Salvation
or, How Men were Saved in Old Testament Times
by William Deas Kerswill

Available in Kindle .mobi and ePub formats

COMPARATIVELY few Christians have more than a vague idea of how men were saved in Old Testament times. Their attitude is not hostile, but only agnostic. It may, or may not, affect seriously their own faith. But to be thus indifferent as to what may be the teaching of the Old Testamen t is at least to open the way for neglect of the New. Few would be prepared to deny that religious distinctions of some nature existed among men of old: few would hazard, either that all were lost, or that all were saved. But few have taken the thought to determine for themselves exactly the line of division. Our Lord placed high value upon the Old Testament Scriptures when he said of them: “But all this was done, that the scriptures of the prophets might be fulfilled “; “One jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled “; ” They have Moses and the prophets.” He honored the Old Testament Scriptures in his rebuke, “Have ye not read? ” “Hath not the scripture said?” “Ye do err, not knowing the scriptures.”

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