Who Won Tonight’s Fox News Iowa Debate?

Well, I must admit, after a long debate, my eye lids were getting heavy as this debate reached two hours.  But, to keep my blog readers happy, let me share with you my thoughts on who the winners and losers were.

The winner – undecided.  I don’t think there was a clear-cut winner.  If I had to nail down just one candidate, it would be Newt.  As always, Newt did very well tonight.  He has the uncanny ability to take a hit, defend himself, and come out sounding reasonable and intelligent doing it.  He clearly has an in-depth understanding of the issues at hand.

If there were a runner up – Ron Paul.  Though he was raked over the coals over his answer on Iran, but he had me rethinking my stance.  I think he’s getting his message out and people are starting to warm up to it.  His biggest problem is he is written off so quickly by the talking heads that no one listens to him too closely.  However, I think that could be changing.  His answers on judges was his best answer of the night.  Dick Morris called him “anti-american” but let’s face it, Dick Morris can’t be trusted.  He has changed his allegiance more times that Mitt Romney has changed core values…

Which leads to Mitt Romney.  I think he was beat up pretty well and deservedly so.    He was finally confronted with two flip-flops that the main stream media has failed to mention.  First, he did not nominate conservative judges while governor in Massachusetts.  He nominated liberals, even liberals with a clear left wing social agenda.  Why should we expect him to nominate conservatives to the federal bench?  Second, Rick Santorum brought up the fact that Massachusetts has homosexual marriage because of the executive actions of Mitt Romney.  While claims to support traditional marriage, he was the one who ordered the state of Massachusetts to issue the marriage licences to homosexual couples.  Learn more about this issue by listening to our last KevCast – The Mitt Romney Deception.

Jon Huntsman sounded reasonable and intelligent.  I’m still not quite sure why he is polling so low.  I think its time that we all gave him a second look.  The guy is not as moderate as people say.  Check out his website here – http://jon2012.com/welcome/home.html.

Rick Perry seemed ok tonight.  He’s getting comfortable in these debates.  Too bad it happened way too late.  He did try to compare himself with Tim Tebow, an obvious pandering to the evangelicals in Iowa.

As for the other candidates, nothing new…

So, as usual, here are my live tweets from the debate.  Start from the bottom and work your way up.

@RonPaul supporter tries to get in a question on the federal reserve. #iowadebate

@TeamBachmann – its not a good sign if you have to remind everyone that you are a serious candidate. #iowadebate

@MittRomney – I lived in MA I dont concede that you did whatever possible to stop the unconstitutional act of the court blogtalkradio.com/kevcast/2011/1…

Thank you @RickSantorum for bringing to light @MittRomney ‘s real record on gay marriage – he made it law in MA! blogtalkradio.com/kevcast/2011/1…

I’m getting tired, but will try to watch the end of the debate. #iowadebate

Another frozen stream, fox news!

“I’m very concerned about to appearing to be zany.” – @Newt2012HQ after having edited his comments… #iowadebate

Does anyone remember when George W Bush apologized to China for spying on them after they captured 1 of our planes? #iowadebate

“An over-fly zone”? is @TeamRickPerry slipping again? #iowadebate

@Newt2012HQ said he would not take us out of the UN, nor would @JonHuntsman

@DickMorrisTweet Ron Paul is just anti American. Appeasement. Sanctions are critical vis a vis Iran/ Really Irresponsible comment, Apologize

Ok, so I need to take a bathroom break. Candidates, please don’t say anything interesting for a few minutes. #iowadebate

Ok, so @RonPaul is starting to convince me about Iran. Is that dangerous? #iowadebate

I’m glad @MittRomney ‘s record of nominating horrible judges in MA. Learn more at blogtalkradio.com/kevcast/2011/1…

@RonPaul refuses to name a favorite Supreme Court saying they are all good and they are all bad. #iowadebate

@TeamRickPerry want to abolish life-time appointments to the Supreme Court. #iowadebate

8:56pm: The reply from Rick Santorum was a #DODGE live.foxnews.com

Thanks, @RonPaul for bringing back some sanity to the debate. Subpoena judges? Abolish a whole circuit court (even if it leftist)? No.

@Newt2012HQ just said that if a supreme court justice believes that “IN God We Trust” or “Under God” is wrong, he shouldn’t be on the court.

Fox stream just froze on me again. #iowadebate

@MittRomney thinks manufacturing jobs will be coming back. I don’t see that happening. #iowadebate

I’m still not sure what to think of @TeamRickPerry and his idea of a part-time congress. #iowadebate

@RonPaul doesn’t want 2 be powerful executive, doesn’t want 2 run anything as president. This is why people need to consider him 4 the job!

@RonPaul has never voted for an earmark or an unbalanced budget. #iowadebate

@Newt2012HQ takes attacks from all sides, but always does well in defending himself. #iowadebate

@TeamBachmann accuses @Newt2012HQ of helping to keep the scam (freddie mac) going and taking money to do it. #iowadebate

@RonPaul is right when it comes to government sponsored agencies! #iowadebate

@MittRomney “This president doesn’t know how the economy works.” #iowadebate

I think @Jon2012HQ has been looking good thus far…

@Jon2012HQ – “We’re getting screwed as Americans.” Vows not to sign pledges or debate with @realDonaldTrump #iowadebate

Did @TeamRickPerry really just call himself the @TimTebow of the Iowa Caucus? Really? #iowadebate

Ouch – Neil Cavuto just told @TeamRickPerry that he wins the nomination many actually fear he would get the chance to debate Obama.

My @foxnews stream just froze up on me. Reload, reload! #iowadebate

@RonPaul – road to victory to freedom and the Constitution. Amen! But dodges the question about supporting the GOP nominee if its not him.

@Newt2012HQ gives a great defense of his conservatism. He has the record – that just can’t be denied. #iowadebate

Wow, for the record, I got that last tweet out before @Newt2012HQ said the same thing! #iowadebate

Remind me again, how many people thought Ronald Reagan was “electable” back in 1979/1980? Exactly… #iowadebate

Can Chris Wallace be objective after what he said about @RonPaul earlier today? #iowadebate

I didn’t realize this was the final debate before Iowa votes, did newsmax officially cancel? #iowadebate

Glad to see @reformedcast joining me for some debate analysis once again tonight!

I think @BuddyRoemer should appear on my podcast tonight with a post-debate wrap up and answer the questions he has the right to answer!

Fox News debate starts in 30 minutes. Get ready for the flurry of tweets and updates that are most certainly to come…


4 thoughts on “Who Won Tonight’s Fox News Iowa Debate?

  1. I agree that Ron Paul won the debate pretty easily. He is the only candidate who is against more wars.

    Michele Bachmann tried to go after him on foreign policy but in the process exposed herself as a hypocrite.

    She claims she’s conservative and for the Constitution and yet, somehow, she is for these undeclared, unconstitutional, wars LOL.

    The republican party is filled with warmongers. All of them, except Ron Paul, want more war.

    The leaders of the republican party better get a clue if they want to beat Obama. Romney and Gingrich are not the answer and Ron Paul is.

    I just can’t understand republican logic. McCain beats Romney, Obama beats McCain=Romney beats Obama LOL


  2. I ilked the candidate who was seancing the spirit of our founding fathers. The others seemed to be auditioning for a job as a minister or weapons dealer.

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