Who Won Tonight’s ABC Iowa Debate?

Well, its no surprise – hands down the winner was Newt Gingrich.  Not even close for anyone else.  There was a lot of hype leading up to this debate predicting an old fashioned showdown between Newt and Mitt.  And, it showdown it was.  Actually, it was more like a shoot-out.  Everyone was attacking Newt.  However, Newt was the last man standing.  He withstood each attack and gave it as good as he took it.   I was a little nervous for Newt when the debate turned toward faith and marital fidelity, but he was honest and told us all he had made mistakes and was in need of forgiveness and reconciliation. Newt also had THE line of the night saying the only reason why Mitt Romney was not a career politician was that he lost to Ted Kennedy back in 1994.

As for the other candidates, I can’t understand why Jon Huntsman was not there.  I understand Huntsman’s strategy is to skip Iowa in favor of New Hampshire.  But, when you are polling at about 2% and all the rest of your competitors are onstage together with out you – it just doesn’t look good.  Michelle Bachmann felt the need to invoke the name of Herman Cain and then copy his 9-9-9 plan.  Following after a failed candidate is not the path to victory.  Ron Paul was as solid as ever.  Rick Santorum, in my opinion, was completely forgettable other than his answer to the marital fidelity/character question.  Mitt Romney was ok.  He hung in there.  He stood his ground, but did not gain any ground either.  But, a word of advice, rich people trying to get middle class votes shouldn’t be wagering $10,000 bets on national tv.  Rick Perry gave his best debate performance thus far.  If he had performed this well in the past he still might have been in the top tier.

However, before I wrap this up, I should talk about the moderators of this debate.  George Stephanopoulos and Diane Sawyer should never be allowed to host another debate again!  This debate was not about thought-provoking questions concerning important issues.  No, George and Diane spent the whole night trying to pick a fight.  Asking questions like, which one of you is the most conservative and able to beat Obama.  Really?  You have all the major candidates in one place, one person here could be the next leader of the free world and that is the question you want to know the answer to?  Really?  At one point they both ask different candidates who is winning this part of the debate so far.  That’s just a poor attempt to stir up some strife.  These two people were not seeking answers but ratings.  What a shame.

Well, with that having been said, here are my live thoughts throughout the debate via twitter.  As always, start from the bottom for chronological  order…

@TeamBachmann – win/win/win wasn’t a good line the first time, and it still wasn’t the second time. Copying a candidate who had to drop out?

@TeamRickPerry and @MittRomney showing @RonPaul the love! #IowaDebate

As my body grows more tired, my tweets start slowing down… #IowaDebate

@RonPaul – I love you, but you don’t to pivot to abolish the fed and the gold standard EVERY time you get a question. #IowaDebate

“I didn’t grow up poor” says the man making $10,000 bets… #IowaDebate

@TeamRickPerry is sounding good tonight – perhaps his best debate performance to date. #IowaDebate

Now Diane Sawyer asks the same question – what kind of debate is this? Maybe we should ask @realDonaldTrump to step in! #IowaDebate

Did George just ask @TeamBachmann who was winning this part of the debate? Really? George S. has got to go as moderator! #IowaDebate

“I’ve known BeBe” – this now a litmus test for GOP candidates? #IowaDebate

Fellow TwitterGeeks, you should be following NBC’s @KellyO – she is giving some good insights on tonight’s debate. #IowaDebate

Some of my conservative friends may not like this, but when conservatives take a hard-line on immigration, they come off looking heartless.

@Newt2012HQ sounds reasonable to me on immigration, but the law must still be enforced or changed #IowaDebate

@Newt2012HQ gives a good answer – he’s made mistakes and needed to seek forgiveness and reconciliation. Good enough for me. #IowaDebate

For the record – @TeamBachmann said she doesn’t mind answering questions about her husband. #IowaDebate

@RonPaul – character is important but you shouldn’t have to talk about it. It should be seen in how they live their lives. #IowaDebate

@RickSantorum – character is important and leads to trust. #IowaDebate

@TeamRickPerry – marriage vows are to God and those who cheat on their wives will cheat on their business partners. #IowaDebate

Side by side comparisons of two versions of Romney book: scr.bi/r9t5Jn #IowaDebate

Didn’t @RickSantorum lose his senate seat? He just called @TeamBachmann a loser. Bachmann doesn’t deny it but says its all about the fight

@RickSantorum said he was a conservative who didn’t support an individual mandate because of listening to Newt gopack tapes. #IowaDebate

@MittRomney offers @TeamRickPerry a $10,000 bet. I thought Mormons didn’t do that… #IowaDebate

@TeamRickPerry is looking good tonight – but we’re rehashing some old material here. Is this a rerun? #IowaDebate

RomneyCare – the reason why @MittRomney will not be the GOP nominee. #IowaDebate

Great line by @TeamRickPerry – @MittRomney should have had a talk with the people of MA before he had a conversation with Obama #IowaDebate

I know Newt Gingrich, Newt Gingrich is a friend of mine…” @MittRomney – you’re no @Newt2012HQ ! #IowaDebate

“Newt/Romney” – just what was @TeamBachmann trying to do here? Does she really think attacking both at once would really work? #IowaDebate

It’s everybody against @Newt2012HQ right now and no one is able to shake the man. This just makes Newt look even stronger! #IowaDebate

Losing to Ted Kennedy was the best thing he could have done? Really, @MittRomney? Losing to @RonPaul would be even better! #IowaDebate

@Newt2012HQ is da man! The gloves are off and @MittRomney is licking his wounds while in the fetal position crying… #IowaDebate

Ouch, @Newt2012HQ goes on the offensive! Basically says the only reason @MittRomney is not a career politician is because he is a loser!

Which one of you is most conservative/best chance at beating Obama? Really, George, could you be more obvious at trying to pick a fight?

Its great to see all my fellow twitter geeks out tonight tweeting tonight’s debate. #IowaDebate

@GovGaryJohnson and @BuddyRoemer would have made this debate more interesting and perhaps more meaningful/memorable. #IowaDebate

Some1 should create a drinking game that makes people take a shot every time @TeamBachmann mentions being a tax lawyer or her foster kids.

@TeamBachmann is first to go after the @THEHermanCain supporters. #IowaDebate

@reformedcast – a candidate polling around 2% should not pass up a shot at national tv, especially when all your competitors will be there!

Does @MittRomney feel free to attack China with @Jon2012HQ not present? #IowaDebate

@MittRomney gets it right – the government doesn’t create jobs, but then lists 7 ways government can… #IowaDebate

I thought conservatives didn’t believe government created jobs, @Newt2012HQ ?

Where is @Jon2012HQ Huntsman? #IowaDebate

WARNING – Debate begins in a few minutes and then the tweets/status updates will start flying. You have been warned… #IowaDebate

A very busy night ahead of me – Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and a GOP debate. Add in some chicken wings and a Coke and u make it perfect

After all this build-up, it will be disappointing if @Newt2012HQ and @MittRomney don’t gouge each other’s eyes out… #iowadebate


19 thoughts on “Who Won Tonight’s ABC Iowa Debate?

  1. Great post, Kevin. I read on USA Today earlier that Huntsman wasn’t invited to the debate tonight due to his showing in the polls.

    I’m fine if it ends up being Gingrich. I really don’t like Bachman, and Perry doesn’t seem like he can unite many around him. I really think Romney would do great, but I’m suspecting he won’t make it. And I am so glad Cain bowed out as all the allegations are troubling and many seem like they have some bit of truth to them.

  2. I find it frightfully odd that one of, if not the worst speaker, least conservative speaker, ever to stand up before a Congress of these United States, would get such glowing admiration from the main stream media. Perhaps they don’t have any of those dusty old clips laying around of Newt’s famous subversion of the Conservative movement in congress during his tenure. Perhaps they are pleased that he is yet another CFR member, pro UN, Anti-gun, Lobbyist loving, NWO leading RINO.
    I find it really disheartening that the person that most of these candidates have stolen their
    goals and ideals from which to build their platform gets absolutely no mention in the post debate rap up. Could this possible be yet more media bias against Dr. Ron Paul? Me thinks so! Paul is in fact a top tier, and is polling in first and second place in some very respectable polls in Iowa. Newt, as Paul would say, is simply the flavor of the week. Paul is the flavor of the decade.
    You people keep pulling for the insider that Newt is, and if by a snow balls chance in hell he gets elected, be prepared to expect absolutely no change in the current trend in this nation.
    Expect the second amendment to be attacked at every opportunity, and oh yeah, amnesty for an estimated 40 plus illegals in this country. Newt is after all completely pro-Dream Act.

  3. Ron Paul actually won the debate, because he just said what we the people wanted to hear. No more fed, no more wars, no more bail outs. Paul was the winner no matter how hard you the media tryies to hide his popularity.

  4. Listen, everyone, I love Ron Paul. I supported Ron Paul in 2008 and was even a precinct captain for the guy. This year, I was there at his New Hampshire campaign headquarters grand opening. However, I’m not a cult members. I think if we looked at this debate objectively, Newt won. That’s not to say Dr. Paul did bad. He didn’t – he did well. But, he did as well as he normally does. I probably agree with Ron Paul more than I do with Newt. Paul is definitively a better representation of my political beliefs more than Newt. However, just because I agree with his ideology doesn’t mean he wins every time. Folks, let’s be somewhat objective. We don’t need to drink the kool aid of any candidate. Let’s not be like the Messiah-wanting Obama supporters we all detested in 2008.

  5. I don’t drink Kooaid. That said, it is a cheap shot to call those who agree with the same platform issues as Dr. Paul cultists. Which of the issues Paul brings forward do you think are wrong compared to the media favorite 2? Dr. Paul identified the core issues that plague our society and has offered clear strategy to overcome them. If the other candidates were offering the same solutions then it might be closer, but sadly it is not. There is really only one clear choice as outlined by this debate. Ron Paul 2012

  6. If you guys had a poll i’m sure Ron paul would have won…. I love how they don’t want to put up polls cuz Ron wins them every time… This proves that the media and everything else are all corrupt… LETS DRAIN THE SWAMP!!!!!!! RON PAUL 2012!

  7. Mitch, did you read my comments – I support Ron Paul! However, I am able to think for myself and even think critically of candidates I like. I agree with Dr. Paul 90% of the time, more than any other candidate. However, I just don’t think he was the winner of last night’s debate. Having the right views is different from winning a debate. Just because he was the guy you wanted to win doesn’t mean he actually won. And I do think some in the Ron Paul camp are somewhat cult-like in their support. I think this will be the subject of a future blog post maybe this week.

    By the way, I have deleted some comments that have used vulgar language. Let’s keep it clean, please.

  8. I NEVER Watch TV… and I had to tune in when Dancing With The stars had all of that hupala B.S. with the Chaz Bonno bull crap. I almost threwup!

    This the same Garbage Main Stream Media has done, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, FOX, wouldn’t you stations rather have American audience love your station and want to watch it so that they may rely on your views.

    Int this Iowa Debate,…You stations made the news Instead of REPORTING the NEW’s!
    I am a Democrat and Ron Paul kicked the living crap out of N.G. with the soft spoken accurate direct TRUTH.

    I just cant understand why you bigger stations dont report the event the way it unfolds. Is it the money from your sponsor’s…it sure looks that way to the masses of Americans.

    Google your stations, then google independent and impartial stations and see who has more searches! You so called “big Media” are slowing getting small when you make news instead of report news!

  9. In ORDER for you networks to spuuuue your opinion why dont you take a poll from Americans That Watched. ???
    Afraid ?

  10. Ron Paul answered every question in the only way possible. He spoke the truth, as he has done over his entire political career and private life. The truth often hurts, so people don’t always like hearing it, particularly Corporate America, many Washington Politicians and the news media. I would say that 60% of Americans don’t understand the issues that plague our country and the rest of the world. Another 30% don’t care. That leaves us with 10% to vote intelligently. “A vote for what you believe in, is never wasted.” We must have the foresight to think ouside the box and beyond the decades of a psychologically groomed society. Ron Paul is the best canidate to save our country. These are radical times which call for measures which may seem extreme to some people who don’t understand. Ron Paul’s way is the fastest, most efficient and safest way to restore America.

  11. Sorry about that, I would have answered earlier but i was too buisy laughing my butt off. Newt? You are talking about the same flip-flop Newt that had to quit earlier because all of his staff resigned on him? Maybe they were all drowning in his B.S.. You MSM are sure getting desparate. Ron Paul has already won whether he gets the nomination or not.

  12. Ok, Ron Paul Spammers, just a few things… (1) I am not a news network. If you could see past the kool aide you are drinking you might notice underneath where it says “Thompsonian Times” you would see “The personal blog of Kevin Thompson.” I am not a member of the mainstream media – just a guy with a blog. (2) If have deleted more comments due to profanity. Keep it clean or spam your comments somewhere else. (3) I’ll be writing another blog post soon dedicated to all you Ron Paul cultists out there. So, if you’re looking for me to answer any specific questions, fire away now. But, keep in mind, as a guy with a job and a life, this post may take a few days… Ok, spam on!

    • Rude… He might be silly calling you MSM, but cultist in retaliation? OR, he might say you are MSM because that is your primary source, the Kool Aide you are drinking that makes you think Newt is worthy of Exec. office. Probably not if you actually do like Ron Paul generally speaking. I find nothing cultist about thinking that a political philosophy that derives from the founding of our country from minds like John Locke, Adam Smith, or Thomas Jefferson is a worthy endeavor. Life, Liberty, and Property, a concept our own Declaration of Independence borrowed is from them. We are simply classical liberals who are committed to individualism, liberty and equal rights because it works better than what we are doing and what any other GOP candidate would. The idea of unalienable rights the left and right borrow to make themselves sound “for the people,” is what this philosophy is built on and what has made our nation great. If you claim to agree with Ron Paul, logic should dictate that calling a Ron Paul supporter a cultist doesn’t jive and continues a vague stereotype I sometimes draw from far left liberals or neo cons. Of course Ron Paul wins the debate to a Ron Paul supporter. I think the person who is right SHOULD always win the debate as long as they state their position clearly, something most candidates avoid as much as possible to avoid friction. It shouldn’t surprise you that these people are commenting either, Ron Paul supporters are as vast on the internet as any other candidate multiplied due to the massive support from the youth. We were taught freedom was the best thing, no wonder the young are growing up to be extreme RP supports. Newt IS under attack, and for good reason, and he didn’t weather it well from my perspective. He choked concerning Fannie and Freddie and failed to explain away the difference between how taking money from the ‘private sector’ is different from taking money from the tax payers, when that organization is being bailed out by the PUBLIC sector. “when you are in business, you are allowed–” Good point right? As for flip-flopping, Newt has admitted it, and it isn’t a good thing. I’m a college student and the kool aide I drink is pretty broad as a political science major with professors from all spectrums. I’m done ranting, but I do enjoy politics and discussions and stimulating my mind with information that will hopefully be useful the rest of my life as I use my schematic reasoning to create my world view! If you study that btw, you will understand why people stick with chocolate or vanilla concerning ideologies. We tend to through out information which is conflicting to to our world view unless the evidence is compelling. Take a person who denies climate change is occurring, not even that man is causing it, just that it is happening. These people have a long term held belief, that does not change with time and information. Peace.

  13. Ron Paul hands down….. Polls I’ve seen includes Drake University, the largest election poll this election cycle for students, and Ron Paul was at 35%. He has the best chance of beating Obama… The problem is winning the GOP when he’s actually a libertarian. If you watch the mainstream media, of course Newt won… But if you actually watched the debate, that doesn’t make any sense. Paul owned him over and over again, and EVERYONE is aware that Ging is a flip-flopper. Bush probably wouldn’t have won the election against Kerry if he could have made up his mind about things. Shoulda learned a lesson then.

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