KevCast 02 – The Current State of the Evangelical Church

Listen to the program here or download the complete mp3 recording here.

In a sermon entitled, “Radical Faith” Pastor Michael Carl shares some thoughts about the current state of the Evagelical church suffering from a prosperity gospel that actually leads us far away from the saving gospel of Jesus Christ.   While a false gospel seeks to make people comfortable, the radical gospel of Scripture leads us to see ourselves as sinful people in desperate need of a Savior who bids us to some and die in our pursuit of Him at the cost of everything else.  Could there be a larger contrast?

After the message was over, Pastor Carl joined us live to give us some final thoughts on his message and further opined concerning his thoughts toward the methodology of such popular evangelical figures like Rick Warren, Bill Hybles and Joel Olsteen.   The program was so jam-packed that we didn’t even have time to get to some the questions posed in our real-time chat room.  I will try to post answers to those questions on the website later this week…

Michael Carl is the pastor of Christ the King Church and Ministries in northern Massachusetts and the editor of the Powerlines News Network.  You can also find his writing on the pages of the WorldNetDaily website.


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