This and That 11-26-11

Pro-family citizens stand firm and confront loud “Occupy” demonstration. Attempting to harass & intimidate Pastor Scott Lively’s inner-city Christian ministry in Springfield, Mass. – Christian believers and activists with signs and American (and Israeli) flags didn’t give an inch outside of the Holy Grounds Coffee House in Springfield, Mass., as a loud, well-organized “Occupy Springfield” protest converged to harass and intimidate them, targeting Pastor Scott Lively and his inner-city Christian mission. Christian activists also counter-picketed the nearby storefront of the “Occupy” organization with the message that they weren’t backing down. – MassResistance

Bob Jones University Questions ‘Fundamentalist’ Label – BJU leaders are also weighing alternatives to the “fundamentalist” label that has proudly defined the school (and a wide swath of the Bible Belt) since the 1920s.  “Basically, we’ve decided that we can’t use that term,” said Carl Abrams, a BJU history professor and a longtime member of the faculty. “The term has been hijacked and it takes you 30 minutes to explain it. So you need something else.”  There has been no resolution to the discussions, but just the prospect of a shift has been enough to make other fundamentalists spew all manner of criticism, with conservative bloggers blasting the “landslide of liberalism” at the school, among the more printable epithets. – The Huffington Post

The Heart of God-Centeredness – God-centeredness ultimately recognizes God’s glory as primary. It recognizes one’s need for Him. It recognizes that He is the source of all things, the sustainer of all things, and the ultimate goal of all things. He is our treasure and joy. Out of His love, mercy, and grace, He has given us the gift of Himself. So our first response must be the acknowledgement that we are humbly dependent creatures who have been rescued from our sin and rebellion. We recognize that this salvation is His work alone. We recognize that we cannot pay God back, nor does he want us to. He wants us to delight in Him and depend upon Him. Bottom line: our God-centeredness begins with God and continues in God. –  James Wilkes

8 Reasons Why Single Men Should Work in the Church Nursery – As a new Christian and college freshman, my first ministry was taking care of a bunch of young kids during a daytime women’s Bible study. It was the best. The kids were super fun, and on any given week I had anywhere from maybe 10 to 20 kids under the age of five for a few hours without any help. Those hours included crackers, juice, Bible stories, wrestling for the boys, and tea parties for the girls. The moms were surprised that a 19-year-old single guy would volunteer for the nursery, but I’m glad I did. And I’d encourage the same for other single men. In fact, I have nine reasons why single men should work in the church nursery – Mark Driscoll


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