I’m Thankful for R.C. Sproul

So I just checked my twitter updates and found yet another reason to be thankful today, free downloads from R.C. Sproul!  Check it out here:

Thanksgiving is a moment to express profound, deep, sincere and genuine gratitude to the providence of God for a year’s worth of tender mercies that we have received from the hand of His benevolence. From his care, from His comfort, from His guidance, from His government of our lives, we are to take time to be grateful. —R.C. Sproul

The Sprouls and Ligonier Ministries wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy these free downloads from Dr. Sproul.

Free Downloads from R.C. Sproul

How much thanks do you give each year? In this special two-part message, Dr. Sproul reminds us of what is missing from so many Thanksgiving feasts and the fundamental sin we are guilty of everyday.

Thanksgiving (Part 1) (Right click to save)
Thanksgiving (Part 2) (Right click to save)


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