Tonight’s CNN Debate Winner

So, I have to admit, I did not get a chance to watch all of tonight’s foreign policy debate on CNN.  I had a family situation tonight that had my wife and I (along with several my in-laws) babysitting four loud, but adorable, girls.   So with all of the commotion, it was hard to focus.  I thought about just skipping the whole thing, but statistically speaking,  my debate coverage is clearly the most popular feature on this blog.  So, I decided to at least give you some of my impressions of what I did see (which amounted to little over an hour of it).

The winner?  I’m not sure if I watched enough to declare an official winner, but I have to say that Michelle Bauchmann had a good night.  She seemed on-topic, clear, confident and intelligent.  Her line about being “too nuclear to fail” is a classic and I’m sure we’ll be hearing that repeated by others soon.  She was the one who stood out to me as a potential winner.  Her campaign needed something to stir up some support and this may be it.  However, I do not think it will result in much movement in the polls.

Other Candidates:

Ron Paul – Tonight Ron Paul reminded me why I love Ron Paul so much!  Liberty and freedom are not merely optional, peace-time amenities that may be ripped away at the whim of a government who may be suspicious that there may be a possibility of  some sort of attack by somebody somewhere at some time…  Ron Paul is only one who bothers to mentions a Constitutionally-required congressional declaration when start talking about war.  Maybe someday we’ll listen…

Rick Santorum – This guy is a war hawk’s dream come true.  Neo-cons bent on world domination would dr00l over this guy if they thought he had a chance of winning.  I’ve said it before, but if this man is elected President, I guarantee we would be involved in a full-scale war within two years.

Newt Gingrich – Newt was Newt.  He always sounds intelligent, even when he has nothing to say.  I think that was the case several times tonight.  However, he does it with so much class and intellect that he still looked good.  From what I have read thus far, many are declaring him the winner tonight.  While I still like Newt and think he made several good points, I don’t think he was a clear winner.  However, this debate certainly will not hurt his front-runner status in any way.

Mitt Romney – From what I saw, he didn’t have much of an impact in this debate.  No major foul-ups or mistakes.  Nothing impressive, but nothing campaign-shattering either.

Herman Cain – If I had to pick a loser tonight, it might be Mr. Cain.  He’s the opposite of Newt, to me, he never sounds intelligent.  It seems like he can’t make it past a few ready-made talking points and short quips.  However, I did love it when he referred to Wolf Blitzer as just “Blitz.”

Rick Perry – From what I saw, no major stumbles which would be a win for him (maybe I’ll find out different tomorrow after watching the highlights).  Expectations for his debate performances are so low as long as he can string three complete and coherent sentences together, he’s done alright.

Jon Hunstman – The guy always sounds good.  He’s obviously on top of his game.  I think of all the candidates, he sounds and looks the most presidential.  But, despite his good debate performances, President Obama’s former Ambassador to China just doesn’t seem to get any traction in the polls.

Ok, so I’ll close as I always do, with my live tweets throughout what parts of this debate I did catch.  Start from the bottom up if you want it in chronological order.

@RonPaul – love his politics, but not his facial expressions… #CNNDebate

@RonPaul says we need to get out of Israel’s way when it comes to possible future attacks against Iran #CNNDebate

@RickSantorum just said he agreed with @RonPaul. If he did this more often, I would consider voting for him… #CNNDebate

Although I don’t agree w/ more troops in Afghanistan, @Jon2012HQ is sounding pretty reasonable, and dare I say it, presidential #CNNDebate

@THEHermanCain just called Wolf Blitzer “Blitz” on mistake, I would say he needs to think b4 he speaks, but then there was Libya #CNNDebate

@RonPaul – defender of freedom and liberty, even in times of “war” – rightly asserts this terrorism is a tactic not an opponent #CNNDebate

Rick Santorum comparing himself to Lincoln in as far as taking away civil liberties and using religious and racial profiling… #CNNDebate


One thought on “Tonight’s CNN Debate Winner

  1. Tonight’s show was rather a wow. Almost didn’t watch it, since they all had become little more than set pieces of wind-up talking points dolls who would ‘stay the course’ by ignoring the questions given them to mindlessly repeat slams and slogans that would get rises out of the more Pavlovian Tea Party and neocon audience members.

    What broke the brain-freeze ice, I wonder? Was it some eminence gris, a cabal of AEI and Heritage Foundation intellectuals; the Ghost of Nixon Past? They were THINKING and shining tonight! They had JUICE! They understood questions and answered them pretty darn intelligently – one has to admit, even when one disagreed with them.

    Were the 12 unconstitutional archons of the soopadoopa Debt Committee exercising their little grey cells as ably, or did they stick fingers in ears and butts in cement (as so many expected)?

    There’s some hope here, even for a Marcy Kapture / Michael Moore fan like me. The candidates sounded like AMERICANS (ADULT Americans, too -not a lot of that around anymore!) Real debating that could usefully feed the Discussion instead of bullying, insatiable attempts to bend the Narrative to zombot partisan dogma.

    Goodness, how those ‘behind’ stepped up – and often over the frontrunners. Bachmann amazed me: From glazed-eyed Stepford queen to sharp as a tack on MidEast strategy (and more!). How did THAT happen?

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