KevCast 01 – How Sermons Work with Dr. David Murray

Listen to the first ever episode of the KevCast here – Listen to the streaming audio or download the mp3

If you are in a good church, you are blessed to hear great sermons from the Word of God flowing from your pulpit each week.  But, what if you were asked to deliver one of these sermons?  What if some Saturday night you got that dreaded call asking if you would be willing to fill-in for a sick Sunday school teacher?  Would you even know where to start?  Many mature Christians with no formal training find themselves in this situation more often than you would think.  How Sermons Work is a practical guide to art of Homiletics, the study of preaching.  This how-to manual is written not only for the “ordinary” Christian, but is also beneficial for seminarians and Bible college students who find themselves struggling to communicate all the theological truths swirling around in their heads.  If you’ve ever wondered about how sermons are supposed to work, this program is for you!

Join us this Saturday morning for the premier episode of the KevCast!  Joining us for this special occasion is Dr. David Murray of the Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary in Grand Rapids, MI.  In addition to his seminary teaching, Dr. Murray is the author of How Sermon Work and president of  HeadHeartHand.  Listen in as I talk with Dr. Murray about his book and hear some valuable thoughts on how to improve your preaching ministry.

Purchase the Book Here –             CBD                            Amazon


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