Gleanings in Grace

It’s official – as of this past Wednesday I am columnist in an actual print newspaper!  Yes, a real newspaper editor gave me a regularly published column!  Ok, so its the Rock County Christian School newspaper (The Word on the Street) printed once-a-month staffed by students looking for a good grade from me…  But, it still counts, right?

My column is entitled “Gleanings in Grace.”  Throughout the year I will be writing about the wonders of God’s grace, pointing my students to a Christ-centered gospel.  My first column, published this week, was about “Amazing Grace.”

My favorite verse in Scripture is Romans 5:20 – “Now the law came in to increase the trespass, but where sin increased, grace abounded all the more.”  The concept of grace is a precious doctrine.  Throughout the year in this column, I’ll be sharing with you why grace is so precious.

If I were to ask you what grace means, perhaps you would answer that grace is getting something you don’t deserve.  This is the right idea, yet incomplete.

To fully grasp grace, we must first understand sin.  Romans 5:20 actually mentions sin before mentioning grace. Without sin, grace would be completely unnecessary.  The presence of grace is actually  the evidence of sin.

Romans 3 declares that all men have sinned and that no one is righteous before God.  Therefore, Romans 5 concludes that all men are under sin.  We stand before God guilty of rejecting Him and replacing Him with our own desires and wants.

Grace is needed because we are sinful.  We are not deserving or worthy of any gift from God.  That is where grace comes in.  Grace is only amazing because our sin is so astounding.

We’ll talk more about this next time…

With a 200 word limit, I have a lot to learn about brevity.

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