Why I Would Sign A Recall Petition for Governor Walker

I’ve been debating about whether or not I should talk about this issue on my blog.  My purpose is not to start a fight, but…  Ok, so maybe that is in the back of my head.  Anyway, I thought I would take some time to reconcile two seemingly contradictory ideas.

  1.  I support Governor Walker.  I endorsed him in both the primary and general elections last year.  I do no regret that in anyway.  I support his move against collective bargaining (well, maybe not in its timing but at least in concept).  Should there be a recall and I am still living in Wisconsin, it is my full intent as of right now to vote in favor of keeping Governor Walker in office.
  2. Though I would not go out of my way to do it, I would sign a recall petition if asked to.

What in the world?  Why would I sign a recall petition if I support the Governor.  The fact is, while I support the Governor I also support the idea of recalls.  In fact, I love recalls.  I love the idea of keeping our elected officials scared to death of going against the people.  I want that dread always looming over them.  It keeps them accountable and I think that’s great.

Of course, the downside is sometimes officials I like will be threatened.  But, this is what a Constitutional Republic (known to some of you as “democracy”)
looks like…  Sometimes you lose.  But, should the Governor prevail, he would prove once and for all that the people of Wisconsin do support him and that these Occupy Madison thugs speak only for themselves.

I also realize this may promote an atmosphere that encourages politicians to be constantly sticking their finger in the air to determine which way the wind is blowing.  This is not always a bad thing.  If you sense your message and agenda is not polling well, you have the choice to either educate the people or go home.  Real leadership requires a man to be able to defend his beliefs and convince others.  That’s what I want in a governor – a man who is a servant to the people, trying to lead them in the right direction.

We’ll see who gets their message out and who wins the day.  My vote will be for Scott Walker.

And now, let the onslaught of complaints and criticism begin…


2 thoughts on “Why I Would Sign A Recall Petition for Governor Walker

  1. While I think that we the people should have the ability to recall our elected officials, one concern I would have is that they would always be in “campaign” mode and not actually working to get stuff done. They should understand their job is in jeopardy if they break promises or do a poor job, however, I want them to feel secure enough to accomplish their work without always worrying about keeping their job.

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