Sermon Notes: The God Who Adopts – Vermon Pierre (Together 4 Adoption Chicago)

Adoption is “wonderfully scandalous” – God chose us sinners to be His sons.

Ephesians 1:3-6

I.  God Chose Us
This is not a random choosing of God, but a deliberate choosing. (vs. 5)
Predestined – God decided beforehand.

II.  God Chose Us Sinners
God wasn’t looking for someone to “complete” His family, someone who perfectly fit.  We were perfectly unadoptable.
There was nothing of us that worthy enough to be brought into the family.
We were chosen in spite of us.
We are by NATURE disobedient.
Its not as if God did not already have a family – within the Trinity there is perfect community, fellowship, perfect family.
God broke up His perfectly family to include us – Christ on the cross asking the Father why have you forsaken me to save sinful man.

III.  God Chose Us Sinners to be His Sons
God brings us into his family and makes something we could never be on our own.
We gain his approval and have all the rights as a member of His family.
We are now in a position of cosmic importance and significance.
We who victimized the Family of God are now made members of the family of God.

If This is True…

  1.  We have a new identity in Christ.  We have a new last name, “In Christ”  We no longer have a “weak identity”
  2. We have eternal blessing and acceptance.  We have every forever blessing in the universe.  Eternal inheritance from the God who owns everything.  His Holy Spirit as a deposit on this inheritance.
  3. There is a purpose – that we should holy and blameless before Him.  God had this in mind before you ever existed.  Holy – to be set apart, like God is.  We are to act like God does in this passage – to show the same love for others He showed to us.  We are to show gracious, choosing love.  It costs time, money and comfort.

Why Would God Do This? – There’s nothing on the outside to say he should do this.  Because He wanted to do this, He chose this.  He wanted to show love and grace towards us.

The heart of adoption comes from the very heart of God.

His son once asked, how can I know I am your son because there was a time when I was not.  Answer – I made you my son.  You were my choice.  It was not by accident.


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