CBS News “Commander-in-Chief” Debate Results and Analysis

Is there anything more exciting than a conference on adoption and a GOP presidential debate all happening on the same day?  I doubt it…  Anyway, that was my day today.

So, who was the big winner tonight.  Hands down Newt Gingrich proved he deserves he new place in the top tier and reminded America why he was so instrumental in sweeping Republicans into office back in 1994.  Newt was clear, articulate and a refreshing contrast to other candidates limited to spouting well-tested and carefully crafted talking points written by campaign staffers (when they can remember them).  Newt is his own library of knowledge.  I’m starting to think this is the guy…

As for the others on the stage…

Rick Santorum is starting to scare me.  Elect this man into office and we’ll be at war with Iran (or somebody!) within two years.

Jon Huntsman always sounds reasonable, but not convincing.  Put him in the cabinet somewhere, but perhaps not in the Oval Office.

Where was Herman Cain tonight?  He didn’t seem to have that much of a memorable presence tonight.  Perhaps his fifteen minutes are up?  The carriage has turned back into a pumpkin.  It was nice while it lasted…

Surprisingly, Ron Paul did not come off sounding nuts, as sometimes he is prone to do when it comes to foreign policy.  I still love Ron Paul.  Clearly he is the one candidate who displays a clear commitment to the Constitution and the values of our Founding Fathers.  This is evident every time the man opens his mouth.  To say he is consistent is an understatement.  I really want to support him again (I was a precinct captain for him in 2008), but Newt is making that very hard.

Mitt Romney did ok.  He’s been pretty consistent in these debates.  He usually does well, to the point of almost being forgettable – expect when sparring with Perry.

And speaking of Rick Perry, he did ok tonight as well.  No major gaffes and nothing of which to be embarrassed about.  Actually, this might have been his best debate performance yet.  But, I realize that’s not saying much.

Bachmann?  Does it really matter what I think about her?  At least there was no shameless attempt to work in her foster children, or did I miss that?

Well, as usual, below are my live-tweets during the debate tonight.  In order to read them in chronological order, start and the bottom and work your way up to the top.

Ok, I am officially giving up trying to watch the debate online. I’ll have my wrap up posted on my blog later tonight.

So, having more internet streaming issues all coming from Some1 should have bought more bandwith perhaps.

@TeamBachmann tries to tear down @RonPaul and fails miserably. Congresswoman, at least get your facts straight.

Ok, stream is working great.

So I am giving up on the live stream at – trying

The internet feed seems to be very slow, at least on my computer. Anyone else having this problem on

Now switching from CBS to internet stream…

@JonHuntsman sounds reasonable compared to @MittRomney’s response concerning China. I guess he would know…

Messing with @newtgingrich never goes well… I think debate moderators of all people should know this by now…

@RonPaul – Torture is “illegal, immoral and unamerican.” Why is this controversial?

So far @TeamRickPerry has not embarrassed himself, but we still have time left…

So I’m starting to think I need to get behind @newtgingrich @newt2012hq. He’s bold, articulate, smart and just makes sense.

@newtgingrich refuses to take @MajoratNJ ‘s bait and instead compliments @MittRomney keeping the focus where it should be.

Both @RickSantorum and @RonPaul bother me when it comes to foreign policy but each for the opposite reason!

Thanks @newtgingrich for mentioning Muslim nations persecuting Christians. At least somebody on that stage cares!

@TeamBachmann serves on the House Intelligence Committee? Does that bother anyone else?

Foreign aid will start with $0 for countries like Pakistan “who don’t support the US” under a @TeamRickPerry administration.

@Newtgingrich – “We don’t have a clue how hard this is going to be” concerning Afghanistan.

@Jon2012HQ (Huntsman) wants to bring troops home from Afghanistan today. He just went up a few points in my book.

Interesting – GOP gives troops credit during democratic administrations but give potus credit during GOP administrations.

@RickSantorum mentions that candidates like him don’t get many questions in debates. He’s right – treat candidates equally!

@TeamRickPerry wants to answer the previous question instead of the current one – has to get it out before he forgets…

@RonPaul is the ONLY candidate to suggest that the President must go to Congress b4 going to war, like the Constitution says…

@MittRomney schools Scott Pelley on how much time he has – and looks good doing so.

I wonder what @TeamRickPerry is trying to remember for tonight…

This debate is focused on foreign policy. Kind of nervous for @RonPaul

And so the debate begins… The big “Commander-in-Chief” debate.


4 thoughts on “CBS News “Commander-in-Chief” Debate Results and Analysis

  1. I have to generally agree with what is written above with a few exceptions. Newt Gingrich was articulate but Newt is a known entity. He ran afoul of the law regarding his receiving payment from a PAC for teaching at a college. He has cheated on two wives. The man is a loose cannon.
    I thought the best statement to come out of that debate was the one from Ron Paul, to the effect of, you criticize Obama for everything including “Obamacare” yet you have no problem with him acting as judge, jury, and executioner, of an American citizen without due process.
    I think it is going to be Romney. I think the RNC is going to write Pat Robertson a big check, like they did in 2008, and get him to endorse Romney despite the fact that he is a Mormon. I also think it isn’t going to make a difference.

  2. I agree with your thoughts on Newt. He’s got a lot of baggage, not much of which has been brought up yet. My guess is that all of it comes out and then some should he ever get the nomination. As for Romney, I don’t trust the man and have vowed not to vote for him. However, should he get the nod, I think the media will jump all over strange Mormon practices they are now defending. Ideally, Ron Paul is the man, but I just don’t think the GOP is ready to go that route. Should Paul change his mind and run third party, I would endorse him in a second.

  3. Kevin: Would you be so kind as to explain what “strange Mormon practices” you are referring to. I live in The U.S. where we all have the freedom to choose a religion. What a candidates religion is affects his ability to be Commander and Chief exactly how?

  4. I’d be happy to explain what I mean. The media was all over the Mormon religion back in 2008 as they spent a ton of money supporting traditional marriage. The religion was portrayed to be be nutty and off-the-wall (i.e. not drinking caffeine, special undergarments, baptism for the dead..,), Of course, the media portrays Christianity as nuts too… I think as soon as Mitt wins the nomination, his religion will become an issue in the media.

    Now, we obviously do have a freedom of religion in our nation and we do not have a religious test for any government office. This is not the reason I will not support Romney, I suspect many who claim to be religious only do so for the sake of public opinion so I am sure i have voted for many candidates who are not truly Christian. I think it was Luther who said I would rather be governed by a competent Muslim than incompetent Christian (paraphrase). I agree. Having lived in MA while he was governor, I just don’t trust anything the man says. he has flipped-flopped all over the place.

    As for how religion effects one’s job as commander-in-chief, let me just say that one’s religion effects everything they do. I don’t know what your beliefs are, but as an intensely religious person myself, I can say that my religion effects every aspect of my life. Religion deals with basic questions of morality – right and wrong. As commander-in-chief, I would certainly think those issues would come into play.

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